Dark Void

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Jet pack willy vs the generic space robots...

Despite the crap name - equal to 'murky emptiness' - Dark Void is shaping up to be more of a Dead Space and less of an Infinite Undiscovery. Not that even Airtight themselves were too confident that the hoaky 'aliens are invading, you're sucked into a parallel world called the Void, team up with human survivors to fight little green blah' set-up was worthwhile - which is why it's been set back to early next year.... read more

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Dark Void

Postby The_KFD_Case » 15 Oct 2009, 10:50

Sounds like a good call on going back to the drawing board. With the newly implemented jetpack features, and a shiny, action packed, video I find myself much more interested in this game all of a sudden. Here's hoping for a favourable, in-depth review. :)
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Postby ginsin » 15 Oct 2009, 20:03

I've been keeping an eye on this game for awhile now, as the premise looks really interesting. Hopefully it's mostly well done and is fun to play.
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Postby nicojay » 01 Nov 2009, 21:53

Recently replayed GunValkerie and had to relearn the controls, crazy stuff. How do these controls compare to those of 'Murky emptiness'.
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