Gran Turismo PSP for free - here's how

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From October 1, Sony will be giving away copies of Gran Turismo PSP to PSPgo owners for free. Here are the catches and finer details of the deal.... read more

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Gran Turismo PSP for free - here's how

Postby Mark240473 » 29 Sep 2009, 15:58

Not bad. I wonder how much you get for trade-in on a PSP3000? I've seen the PSP-Go for £199.99 on, but obviously I can't trade in my old PSP.... Mmmm....
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Gran Turismo PSP for free - here's how

Postby WingForward » 29 Sep 2009, 16:00

All I have to do is buy a pspgo? How is that free the thing is crazy overpriced! Anything download only I will never buy as a download has no resale value and you can't let your friends borrow a download when your done with it.
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Postby dangerousbriano » 29 Sep 2009, 16:49

I know sony said this is only for the pspgo but if your downloading a theme the theme will probably work on any psp so what is stopping people from trying it with their old psp and getting free copies of gran turismo for psp has sony thought that through how will the playstation store recognise a psp to a pspgo you know someone will try it and if they did i would laugh if it worked.
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Postby lordirongut » 29 Sep 2009, 17:21

I suppose it adds a new incentive for new PSP owners, but I'm still not sold on the Go. That said, it will soon be a great time to buy a 3000, which has all the features of the Go (minus the Bluetooth) plus a UMD drive and a bigger screen, for about the same money (using Play's price) assuming that you buy a 16gb memory stick with it. Come to think, whatever was wrong with carrying a few memory sticks around anyway? If I wanted, I could buy three and carry around my movie collection ready to play on my PSP, all I would need to do is swap them. If carrying three near-weightless memory sticks bothers you, then so should carrying an uber-expensive Go anyway. I think that the entire idea behind the PSP Go is flawed.
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Postby msk1191assassin » 30 Sep 2009, 02:36

i was wondering if i can still download the theme and get the game if i live in canada, by using a uk address or something when i sign up for psn?
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Postby pp82 » 30 Sep 2009, 10:06

I certainly won't be spending £225 of my hard earned money on a PSP GO as Sony promised at E3 that you would be able to get digital copys of your UMD games/movies.
Now they are saying this will not happen instead you can choose three games from a small selection to download. what a cop out Sony
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