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Disney does Alice in Wonderland game

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Based on Tim Burton film

Disney's to release games based on the upcoming Tim Burton film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland for Wii, PC and DS.... read more

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Disney does Alice in Wonderland game

Postby CurriedCat » 23 Jul 2009, 12:31

Have to dig out American McGee's Alice and see if I can get my head around it again!
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Postby Obscure_Metaphor » 23 Jul 2009, 12:47

yeah, lets just all go play Alice. Damn i love that game.
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Postby minignaz » 23 Jul 2009, 12:49

Justed watch some of the trailer for the movie on youtube, looks good. Hopefully the game is equally good.

As for American McGee's Alice, fantastic game for it's time, played it for months. Hopefully this is twisted as well and not the usual Disney happy happy version.
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Postby WHERESMYMONKEY » 23 Jul 2009, 13:32

apparently its a proper telling of Alice in Wonderland. Without through the looking glass tacked on.

If that screenshots of the wii version. colour me impressed. rather technically proficiant for a wii game.

Ah American Mcgees Alice. I remember when you were going to have a film made of you directed by Wes Craven. Good times.
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Postby metallicorphan » 23 Jul 2009, 14:04

WHERESMYMONKEY wrote:apparently its a proper telling of Alice in Wonderland. Without through the looking glass tacked on.

i think its just another remake of the disney cartoon,it was Disney that actually mixed up both books ('Alices adventures in Wonderland'+'Through the looking glass and what Alice found there')..and its kinda been the thing now

this Tim Burton film features Tweedledee and Tweedledum(as did the Disney cartoon)..but they were only in 'through the looking glass' in the books

(Dee and Dum are being played by Matt Lucas of Little Britain)

The Red Queen(often mistaken for the Queen of hearts)is also in this film,and is only in through the looking glass(it looks like Burton has combined the two as The Queen of hearts isnt listed on IMDB...Helena Bonham Carter plays her

and wheresmymonkey

Alice(based on the game is still set for 2010,just no wes craven,that what i can see)
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Postby BlindFish » 23 Jul 2009, 19:07

The Burton film actually sounds similar in plot to American McGee's Alice: it's set later, after both books, when Alice is older which is why it features characters from both stories. TBH when I first read about it I thought Burton was making American McGee's Alice as a movie (hadn't heard there was a version of that on the cards too). The books are great and I loved the game... but isn't it usually the case that movie tie-in games are cr@p? I wonder how this will turn out :?

If anyone's interested the Guardian has a nice set of pages about the Burton film.
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