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Fuel video shows of vehicles

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Six classes of vroom vroom revealed in pretty gameplay footage

With the May release of open world racer Fuel quickly approaching, Codemasters has unleashed this rather nice-looking gameplay video, showing off the game's huge variety of vehicles.... read more

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Fuel video shows of vehicles

Postby collyboy187 » 01 Apr 2009, 15:49

why do all games these days have to have faggy rock soundtracks? pes 09s default music is like aural sodemey, every trailer for fuel has s**t music in the back ground, a lot of gt prolouges music is shite (and gt used to have class soundtracks) and if wasnt for the old game music and classical stuff in burnout paradie it would suck aswell. gta4s music for most stations sucks (which is a shame considering the soundtracks on 3 and vice city were the best ever imo).

on topic though fuel looks real good, just gonna have to play it with my cd player on!!
If its not worth doing, its not worth doing right!!
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Postby smithster118 » 01 Apr 2009, 17:44

This looks like a cross between MotorStorm and Burnout Paradise. And both of them games I like very much.
This game might be ideal for me. :)
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Help me

Postby radiothax » 01 Apr 2009, 21:38

Does anyone know why these videos wont play for me, youtube videos work fine. no videos on cvg play for me, its just blackness. hhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllpppppp me
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