THQ threatens Big Huge closure

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Veteran RTS developer dropped by publisher, faces closure

THQ is threatening to close veteran RTS developer Big Huge Games if a buyer for the US-based studio isn't found soon.... read more

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THQ threatens Big Huge closure

Postby casperthedog » 18 Mar 2009, 16:23

Hope they stay in buisness, loved their Rise of Nations series, and its always sad to hear of a devloper going down.
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Postby Suivaloom » 18 Mar 2009, 17:05

wel they should have switched resource and development exclusively to PS3 and then they wouldn't be in this crisis

they've only go themselves to blame

BIG HUGE Games is a bloody silly name for a start
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Postby Godlike Ape » 18 Mar 2009, 17:29

Sorry Suivaloom, but what's your statement based on, other than blatant fanboyism?
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Postby _Marty_ » 18 Mar 2009, 17:34

Godlike Ape wrote:Sorry Suivaloom, but what's your statement based on, other than blatant fanboyism?

Lunacy perhaps.

Yes, yes, the Xbox360 is responsible for THQs financial woes *shakes head*

BHG did a great job on converting Catan to XBLA, this is a shame.

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Postby jamieleng » 19 Mar 2009, 11:17

Suivaloom, you're still alive? I thought you died with the PS3.
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