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Army of Two sequel confirmed

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'Army of Two: TFD' spotted on official website

It looks yesterday's tease of an EA Montreal game reveal has turned out to be an Army of Two sequel after all, as an official teaser site appears on the internet for something called 'Army of Two: TFD'.... read more

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Army of Two sequel confirmed

Postby Miss_Wacy » 06 Mar 2009, 11:05

woooo, need to replay the first again
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Miss_Wacy 50
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Postby smilingfreak » 06 Mar 2009, 11:25

The first one was.... alright I suppose. There was certainly potential, so I might keep an eye on this.

I hope they still have the armoured enemies. I still giggle about there being opponents whose weak point is their bum.
smilingfreak 15
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Postby AJB123644 » 06 Mar 2009, 11:45

Oh awesome. I do hope they make the game longer as a whole because having played it in co-op with my bro on his PS3 I was dissapointed to learn that the game was so short and you had to re-play it through the unlock everything. That was probably the only thing wrong with it because in all it was quite a fun shooter.

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Postby svd_grasshopper » 06 Mar 2009, 12:49

what are you's on?

first one was b*****ks

*does air guitar*
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svd_grasshopper 62
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Postby roland82 » 06 Mar 2009, 13:11

'The definitive third person co-op shooter is back'


I think gear of war 2 [and the millions who bought it]would have something to say about that.
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roland82 57
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Postby JimiTheSaint » 06 Mar 2009, 16:21

I think the only reason the original sold so well was the timing of when it came out. I seem to recall it being the first game of any note for a fair few weeks to come out and people went mad for it. My local Game and Zavvi (god rest it's soul) had sold out on the friday night of release, had to go to the back street hidden away Currys to get mine.

The only reason I bought it was because I promised a friend... one play thorough on co-op then straight on Ebay.

Luckily I managed to re-coup most of my money...
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JimiTheSaint 32
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Postby adamp105 » 06 Mar 2009, 17:30

I enjoyed playing the first one! Mainly for the co-op though. After playing co-op, I kinda did hav to convince myself to play it with the A.I. However, I may be tempted to buy the next one (to play through on co-op probably) if I like the look of it.

LOL smilingfreak. We obviously hav similair twisted senses of humour!!!! :twisted: :D
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adamp105 24
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Postby ukdruid » 06 Mar 2009, 18:49

Great stuff, really enjoyed playing the first one with a m8, cant wait to see what they have in store for the sequel.
ukdruid 42
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Postby zaxdabomb » 08 Mar 2009, 02:58

well i guess they couldnt call it Army of Two 2!
I say bring it on between the weapons and the coop, i cant wait
this was and is one of my favourite games
tho I do hope the sequel is longer
possible anal leakage.....
zaxdabomb 34
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Postby adamp105 » 10 Mar 2009, 11:04

Thinkin bout it. I would like to see more customization in the armours! Different options like you had with the masks!!!
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