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Tomb Raider: Anniversary

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Preview: Hands-on with the best Lara game ever?

Despite Lara Croft's latest tomb-crawling romp trying in many ways to take the series back to it's roots, many still consider her first game, released on the PlayStation and Saturn in 1996 to be the best. That's why Crystal Dynanmics has reached into the archives and ripped out the best parts of the original for this anniversary-marking PS2 and PSP remake.... read more

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Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Postby sniper50 » 19 Jan 2007, 19:30

its almost emotional for me to be able to play the original game remade on the ps2. eidos has certainly assured us that it cares for the fans of the game that made it one of the biggest games co. cant wait to play through all the levels (cistern, temple of midas, temple of scion) :D :D
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Postby DaRockwilder1 » 19 Jan 2007, 19:51

It’s a pity they don’t just remake it for the 360 & PS3.
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Postby User removed » 19 Jan 2007, 21:07

I'm glad my boxers are eleasticated.

Surely this will be next gen bound at some point?
If not, then it's a little bizarre, unless they are afraid of saturating the market beofre there next originla TR game.
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Postby Org_Greaseball » 20 Jan 2007, 00:23

The org. Tomb Raider was release on Sega Saturn first, not PS1. Please get your facts right. :P
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Postby sonic_uk » 21 Jan 2007, 12:27

It looks really good so far, just could have been so much better if they actually bothered to make a proper next gen version.
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Tomb Raider remake

Postby blackholes » 21 Jan 2007, 21:11

What does it say for the Tomb Raider series if the best one that is going to be made is just a remake of the first one???????
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Postby paulhudd » 25 Jan 2007, 17:44

looks just as crap to me graphically compared to the ps1.

now graphics dont really matter but they can help to an extent, but to me its the gameplay. the original was amazing at the time but now with prince of persia domianting this genre, they should've done ages ago, what the PoP series has done, and its looks like they're just starting to. already i see pole jumping and swinging etc which they took from the PoP series which gets on my nerves a bit as i love the PoP games. what they need is solid gameplay. forget ps2 crap, release it next gen if they want updated graphics or even new gen if they want to freshen things up proper. (any hardcore gamer will know which console I mean)

they need to do what it sez on the tin. TOMB RAIDER!!!

Legends had you with machine guns rocket launchers chasing trains going off road junk & whatever. ok, decent game, but not TOMB RAIDER. fair enough, keep the arsenal of weapons, fine, but why be shooting humans? thats just plain old dumb. I imagine a Tomb Raider game where you have to climb a rock face using a combo of buttons, or motions on the Wii, just to get to where you need to go. creatures that no one new existed, locked in a tomb forever, built to protect the treasure by an ancient civilisation etc. swing on vines in an under ground jungle over a massive waterfall to get to an unsturdy bridge and to get of the bridge without ploughing to the lake below, you gotta get those combonations going again. to swim, rotate them analogues to swim fast away from crocs. even jump on their heads with combi buttons to cross the river etc. SOOOOOOoooo many possibilities and yet they use the same old game? if i want to play the old school, game, i'd play the old school game, no point wasting my money and just a slighty updated rehash which still may very well lose its charm.

anyhoo, i'm gonna stop here cuz i can go on forever.

Sorry for the long post. and thanks for reading. Expect the sequel to come soon. the film is coming out in 20XX by 21st Century Bandicoot.
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Postby porc-pic » 08 Feb 2007, 09:26

Looks great should be as fun as the first.

Will be great to play on the graphically superior PC.
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