Castlevania Wii video blow-out

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Six gameplay videos AND a trailer for good measure

Konami clearly wants to snap our video encoder in half with its epic seven-course serving of Castlevania Judgement videos today.... read more

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Castlevania Wii video blow-out

Postby WHERESMYMONKEY » 18 Nov 2008, 16:48

looking forwars to this. Love castlevania and would really like to see the belmonts kicking the crap out of each other.
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Castlevania Wii video blow-out

Postby Dajmin » 18 Nov 2008, 16:54

Anyone else looking at the gameplay and thinking how hard it must be to work out distances from those angles?

The totally free movement is like a button masher, but the combat is like a beat-em-up, and normally I'd have no problem with that. But if you can't judge how far away your opponent is, there's going to be a lot of frustrated people getting smacked around when they either miss or get too close and get smacked about.
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Postby kimoak » 18 Nov 2008, 18:00

Actually, this looks pretty decent!

I think I'll be keeping my eye on this one. Not like the Wii is spoilt for choice with regards to beat-em-ups anyway.
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Postby Zero_Cool » 19 Nov 2008, 01:13

Looks complete and utter pish. Another run of the mill beat 'em up.

Konami should take God of War as a template when creating a 3D Castlevania title.

Otherwise leave it the f**k alone...because it's better in 2D.
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