Joysticks: Brawl smashes Galaxy in the face

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Best Nintendo game goes to Super Smash Bros. Brawl

We're in a little bit of shock here as the winner of the Nintendo Game Of The Year, sponsored by Official Nintendo Magazine, was called out. We had our monies on Super Mario Galaxy, bet you did too. But we're not betting people (we lose to many times) and we're glad for that. We don't like losing.... read more

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Joysticks: Brawl smashes Galaxy in the face

Postby higgins78 » 31 Oct 2008, 22:01

Tough choice this one. I do'nt think their is a right answer exactly, could have been any one of at least three. Galaxy, Prime or No More Heroes. Brawl was a good choice in the end.
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Postby Stu_the_great » 01 Nov 2008, 00:45

Everyone is obviously insane! :shock:

Galaxy stands head and shoulders above any game released on the Wii, only Twilight Princess and Okami come anywhere near it and they were released ages ago. :?
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Postby YCshinobi » 01 Nov 2008, 13:20

Well Okami Wii was released this year so it could of been a contender. But since this best Nintendo game, not Wii game :? people probably voted for the game which gives the most Nintendo fan service, which would be Smash Bros. I personally would vote for neither of them. Metroid Prime and Mario Kart FTW!
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