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Flipping the visor on the MMORPG in which you can rule the world. Mwahahahaha

Many people will attack ArchLord for one thing before they even look at it - mainly, that it's not World Of Warcraft. While it's weaker but with similar ideas, it's also fun, rewarding and not half pretty for a game that's been out for more than a year overseas.... read more

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Postby Dajmin » 01 Dec 2006, 00:11

I was in beta for both RF Online and Archlord, and the similarities between them and almost every other Korean RPG-by-numbers is shocking.

With the amount of grinding required to progress in any of these games, it's no wonder so many bots get set up.

Perhaps it's time developers started putting less focus on quick cash from cheap sources and more into developing something that actually has unique features all the way through and not just at the higher levels, forcing people to mindlessly hack and potion, hack and potion all the time.
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Postby User removed » 06 Dec 2006, 03:10

All MMORPG games seem to be all grinding and leveling in an attempt to get up to a high enough level to pvp.

World of Warcraft is quite enjoyable in this respect. With interesting and varied quests. But it's still grinding.

I do hope that Warhammer online delivers what it is promising. That is, the ability to get right into pvp at the start and level up that way. aswell as a few quests thrown in for variety.

Fingers crossed.
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Postby DarthMorbus » 06 Dec 2006, 14:35

Not all MMORPGs. Guild Wars allows you to start a character for the PvP server at level 20 (the level cap on Prophecies, not sure about Factions or Nightfall).
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Postby User removed » 05 Jan 2010, 22:26

Dude...Use the search function, theres like over 9000 of these already ffs
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