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TrackMania United Forever

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Blistering speed and stunts worthy of Cupid

Seconds don't count. A second is an eternity. It's the ticks in the middle that make the difference. Every corner in TM, every slight twitch of the controls, can potentially drop a perfect run into a searing abyss of failure and humiliation, leaving you tearing off your clothes, smearing the blood of a freshly killed sacrificial hamster across your chest, and leaping out in front of traffic in penitence for your crime. Or maybe that's just me.... read more

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TrackMania United Forever

Postby Trite » 30 Jun 2008, 14:48

No, it's not just you, Mr. Reviewer.

I won't pay for the United version, but as Trackmania Nations Forever is essentially the same game, although stripped, but even better as it costs nothing. I'll offer my thoughts on it.

TMNF is probably the most frustrating game I know. Either your brains will explode because you just hit the wall in the last corner after a perfect run, or your good time is bested by a freaking millisecond in the last possible moment making you want to smash things. I could see people becoming hulks after playing it. Also, your wrist will NOT thank you for downloading the game. Essentially, it's a four button fest, making long play sessions relatively painful for your fingers.

But to the plus sides, eh? It's quite fun, because it's easy to learn, yet hard to master. Feels good seeing your car in the first spot when the track ends. Also, it's free. A reason good enough to try any game. Although I found it far more entertaining in the past when the original TMN was released - most people were complete noobs then, there were a lot of players and it was easy to get the top times - it's fun now, too. There are a lot of servers to play on with heaps of custom tracks - you will never play through all of them.

If you haven't tested it yet, go download it. It's worth the try. Gain points and make your nation proud. 8)
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Postby Absurdus » 30 Jun 2008, 16:58

^^ Get a joypad....

Nations Forever, free and dam enjoyable, half the fun is figuring out the cuts. If you break, lift off accelerator, are more than 1 pixel away from a wall, slide/skid any amount: you loose, simple. That and I've been on tracks with 200+ cars on them at the same time (all the other cards are like ghost cars, so no cocks wrecking your perfect lap)
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Postby Jon2309 » 30 Jun 2008, 19:13

In Stunt, impossible courses stretch high into the air and reward you not for making it through, but for making it through within a number of lives.

O HAI platform mode.

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Postby Spybreak8 » 03 Jul 2008, 18:43

I love the game but maybe that's because I want to be the best of the best sir! Lol that's a MIB reference but the most enjoyable thing about the FREE game is that you can race some pretty sick and sweet tracks online with the aid of that cool lego editor! :lol:
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Postby Al3x » 04 Jul 2008, 14:07

Nations is not just stripped down, it's majorly stripped down as it offers only the Stadium themed tracks and one type of car. United includes several different car types which handle very differently (drift cars, rally cars, etc) and a completely different track theme with its own challenges for each of them. If you enjoy Nations so much there's really no reason not to get the full thing and support its indie developers. Racers have gotten stale and Trackmania breaths life in a unique way.
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Postby zipdrive » 07 Jul 2008, 12:15

I agree completely with Mr. Trite here: great fun until your wrist melts or you come up against that impossible-to-unlock track that

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