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Sega scores Dark Materials

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Movie tie-ins revealed for Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy

Sega has jumped into bed with New Line Cinema and Scholastic Media to create games content based on the films from Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy.... read more

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Sega scores Dark Materials

Postby Darth_Malik » 27 Sep 2006, 16:48

I loved the books, lets hope the movie and games are as good. Wouldn't count on it though.
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Postby Aircool_212 » 27 Sep 2006, 17:04

Man, producing a good film from those books is gonna be a challenge, even more so for a video game. They're supposed to be childrens books, but they have some very deep 'adult' content and themes (and no, not pron).

I don't know anyone who hasn't read and enjoyed that trilogy, from ages 15-55.

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Postby starvinbull » 27 Sep 2006, 17:20

what is the subject of the books and whats this pron it sounds fascinating.
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Postby User removed » 27 Sep 2006, 23:35

This is my favourite story from any book/ game/ film/ anything (with the possible exception of Lost or 24. Praying they don't screw it up.
User removed

Postby ramsingh1 » 28 Sep 2006, 04:27

Glad to see Sega using licened IP. I remember when they use to make games like Spiderman, Mikey Mouse, Moonwalker, Starwars etc.

Companys like EA make loads of dosh today by crap games with Licenced IP. At least Sega made decent games. Hope this is the begining of Sega using more licened IP.
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