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New Dead Space footage

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EA talks story - but we're far more interested in watching the game

New game footage from EA's survival horror game has been sneaked into a video developer diary focusing on story and plot delivery. Watch it in our video player.... read more

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New Dead Space footage

Postby philgreaaaaaaaat » 07 May 2008, 08:05

Got some 'Dead Space' inside my head this morning if anyone wants to see.

aaaaaahhhhh Wednesdays...soooooooooo boring.
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Postby humorguy » 07 May 2008, 08:25

Given how few PC games are getting released nowadays and how far 'previews' are looking forward (as far as 2009!), pretty much every day in PC gaming is now getting boring!

Seems to me another shooter with higher claims, just like Bioshock, Crysis and other FPS's.

Thank god for DOSBox emulation and the Virtual PC to be able to play older PC games that truly have story and gameplay!!
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Postby funkyjack » 07 May 2008, 09:46

Did you even watch the video? For a start it isn't an FPS, it's all in third person, and the gameplay is more akin to Alone in the Dark than Bioshock. I think it looks fantastic, if it's anything like Event Horizon I'll be happy!
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