Atari pit crew works on Test Drive patch

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Following minor TDU problems over XBL - uprated servers promised too

In the wake of some reported problems encountered when playing Atari's recently released free-roaming Xbox 360 driver Test Drive Unlimited over Xbox Live, the company has announced that it is working on a patch and will ramp up server capacity, in a bid get things going more smoothly.... read more

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Atari pit crew works on Test Drive patch

Postby Doctor_Hades » 13 Sep 2006, 09:45

While I appreciate that these kinds of games are complex, akin to a typical MMORPG which requires constant patching, I still find it irritating when Xbox 360 games ship with obvious bugs like a trade system than can wipe out your save game; that really should have been picked up during testing.

Although the game has already had a mini-patch which seems to have gotten rid of the TDU Server Not Available message (which is a good job as it was bloody big and kept requiring you to press A to get rid of it!!!), I still cannot upload my photos to Xbox Live ("TDU Server Not Available!!!) nor can I trade cars anymore. Why couldn't they have beta tested this game like Final Fantasy XI on the 360? That way they'd have known about these issues BEFORE they released the game. :?
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