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What went wrong with Two Worlds?

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We tried to fit in too many ideas, Reality Pump explains

Reality Pump has been discussing the pit it fell into with its fantasy RPG Two Worlds, which didn't exactly go down a storm, in an interview with our colleagues over at OXM UK.... read more

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What went wrong with Two Worlds?

Postby csdaveuk » 22 Apr 2008, 16:04

I quite liked Two Worlds, actually. It was flawed and suffered in comparison with its classmates but wasn't without merit.

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Postby citizenerasedx » 22 Apr 2008, 16:32

The prehistoric graphics certainly didn't help. The game looked absolutely nothing like the Oblivion-esque screenshots seemed to show.
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Postby roger4000 » 22 Apr 2008, 16:47

two worlds lasted ½ hour in my xbox and a little longer in my sons. then my son sold it at school to some sucker for a fiver less. i will never touch another game from this company again. what a load of drivel.
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Postby King_Elshout » 22 Apr 2008, 17:34

I liked it too, though it did deserve the 50-60% rating. Good to know they are learning from their mistakes and try to fix them. I'll be checking the expansion out
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Postby humorguy » 22 Apr 2008, 18:55

The quotes here just show why PC gaming is going down the chute!

Do you compare every film with Gone With The Wind? Every book with Grapes of Wrath? Why compare every RPG with Oblivion? A 20 million costing game from a major publisher? You think every publisher has 20 million to spend on a game? You want another Oblivion meaning another PC upgrade to play it, like the original?! You want a shallow game that took so much away from Morrowind and hardly added anything until the 1,000 of mods came along?!

The graphics on Two Worlds were perfectly acceptable, it is ludicrous to say othe4rwise. CVG knows full well that gameranking can only report review scores based on the 1.0 version! How many great games have got mediocre scores because of initial bugs that were fixed?!

Two worlds was marked down in PC Zone for bad horse AI , that was fixed. It was marked down for having the resurrection sites, when the same was not done for Bioshock with it's resurrection tubes! In other words, it was hard done by and yet CVG just trots out the numbers as though they are the truth!

If you want RPG's all like Oblivion, just keep buying copies of Oblivion! If you want RPG's that force you to upgrade with each version, like the Elder Scrolls series does, then fine! But to dump on Two worlds like this is just totally ridiculous!

Let's just get PC gaming over and done with and bring out 20 million costing games that require a new PC/PC upgrade!

If we want PC gaming to continue we need to grow up as gamers! There is room for a Star Wars and E.T in movies, there is room for Friends on TV and there room for sloppy romance novels in books - so why cannot a game that is good in it's own right, has most of it's problems fixed with patches and is in the most difficult, sophisticated area of game programming there is - by a long way - RPG's, be looked at without comparing it to a one off multi-million pound production from a series that appears every five years?!

Sometimes I just despair of PC gaming and PC gamers. There should be room in PC gaming for A, AA and AAA games - but the attitude of CVG toward this title from the start and the vitriolic attitude of gamers toward it show so clearly why PC publishers are moving to console and PC gaming is disappearing in front of our eyes!

When I look at what other games CVG and other have given 65% to, it is easy to see that Two Worlds is easily worth 80%!! It's not games like Two Worlds that are at fault, it's the review and editorial systems of the PC gaming media and the juvinial attitude of so many PC gamers!
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Postby shlobadov » 22 Apr 2008, 19:17

Dear god guy, have you nothing better to do?! That was an essay...

Just to point out that most games are reviewed in their initial state (however buggy that might be), but good games get deserved scores. See Op. Flashpoint (and or Hidden&Dangerous) and STALKER for buggy examples that got a good score (both from minor developers).

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Postby morikaweb » 22 Apr 2008, 19:29

I own and play this game regularly. I am a true RPG fan, not just a fan of fads like most oblivion fans seem to be. I remember and Love games like Ultima VII despite the fact that the graphics suck and the AI is flawed I still think its a great game.

Saying Two worlds graphics are bad is a Joke, they are a far cry from Ultima are they not? And saying the game is garbage because there are a few bugs is a Joke, after all what game has no bugs? The real question about bugs is will the company fix them? In this case the answer is yes, so I don't see a problem.

I honestly think people have forgotten the goal of games is not to be perfect, but rather to entertain. If you buy a game for the sole purpose of criticizing every bug then you will not enjoy any game ever.

And as far as basing your like or dislike of a game on review scores, if you do your an idiot. Everyone knows most review scores are scewed based ether on the reviewers likes/dislikes, or the company line, or both. Very few reviews I have read in the last few years have been even remotely fair, or accurate.
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Postby Corporate_sniper » 22 Apr 2008, 23:44

I liked this game,despite the flaws.

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Postby shlobadov » 23 Apr 2008, 00:38

Saying Two worlds graphics are bad is a Joke, they are a far cry from Ultima are they not?

That's like saying "Saying that Lada is bad is a joke, it is a far cry from Roman chariots, no?"

Stupid, stupid comparison.
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Postby berelain » 23 Apr 2008, 07:28

Look, the real problem with Two Worlds was... that it just wasn't really very good.

You can argue the toss as many ways as you like, but at the end of the day, the weak story, lack of depth, hugely flawed combat system (just press dodge at the right time and you're invincible? wtf?), poor graphics (particularly on the xbox 360 version), bad dialogue and utterly terrible voice acting completely let down the game.

Now, I'll not say that I didn't have some fun playing through the game. But I can't honestly say that I thought it was good.

And for the Oblivion comparisons, its fate, I'm afraid, that any title, film, book, or game, will be compared to its contemporaries. Oblivion is not the finest example of RPG the open-world genre has to offer, but it is the most popular in recent years, and its only sensible to draw comparisons.

As for the argument that this wasn't a major game backed by a major publisher, that's fair enough, it wasn't. But then, neither is The Witcher, but it that game far surpasses what Two Worlds accomplished.

To be perfectly blunt, I think Two Worlds was completely deserving of the criticism it received. Numerous people who watched me playing the Xbox 360 version - or who tried it themselves- repeatedly asked me just why was I playing it. My answer was only that it was mildly entertaining, and I had nothing better to play at the time. Now, there's something to be said for a game that is fun in spite of its flaws, and were it not for the underlying fun to be found in Two Worlds it would probably deserve only 4 or 5 out of ten, not 6 or 7. But its still very difficult to argue that the game was, in any sense, Good.
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Postby humorguy » 23 Apr 2008, 08:47

shlobadov - Firstly I type at 50 words a minute, so that 'essay' took around 5 minutes or so!

Secondly, I talk only of the PC version, as conversations in threads on this site ALWAYS get confused because some are talking about the console version and some the PC version.

Again, I call for more moderated threads for JUST PC gamers and JUST console gamers.

The comments made about 'perceived' bad games, (not just Two Worlds) are always so childish - 'the graphics are crap', 'why did they bother?', this game totally sucks!' I'll score it 1 out of 10!' - and on and on.

So I ask again, when are PC gamers going to start growing up? If they don't, then we'll see the end of AAA PC gaming all the quicker! :(
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Postby shlobadov » 23 Apr 2008, 11:26

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Postby JimSteele » 23 Apr 2008, 12:58

I got a good 7 hours into the PC version before finally deciding it was rubbish and not worth my time. Oblivion was by no means a perfect game but compared to this it may as well have been published by the divines.

It is curious to note how many forumites are prepared to make excuses for this pile of dross. Even the developers (in a breath of fresh air) are casually admitting the game was sub-par. Why are people so desperate to defend this mess of code? Purchase justification?

I know alot of people will be able to look past its (many) faults, and I did enjoy it on some small level but seriously. The game is crap. Deal with it.
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Postby humorguy » 23 Apr 2008, 19:06

JimSteele - everyone is entitled to their opion - as in 'I didn't like the game', which is how conversations usually go for the big games. but when it comes to second tier, the conversation is always 'why was this game released', this game is crap', or 'they used crayons to do the graphics'

You may not have got into it, but negatives comments about games from smaller publishers always are treated as 'valid' and people who say that the game is an easy 80% game and very good once you get into it, are just losers, crazy or don't know what their talking about. This Jim, is what you more or less said in your message, and it's only because this is not a Bioshock or Oblivion or Half Life 2 that you feel it okay to talk this way.

This game has sole 500,000 copies on PC in Europe. Most purchasers and lovers of this game are in Europe, don;t talk English and wouldn't post on this thread. It also got better scores on European sites and mags than western mags and sites. But at half a million sales, it's fair to say, this title has been well received and it not the pile of sh*t that so many that have not played it, not given it more than 60 minutes and just are so dumb they think all games can have the spend of an Oblivion without bankrupting the PC games industry!
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Postby javaguy II » 24 Apr 2008, 21:52

I really like Two Worlds, play the multiplayer fairly frequently.
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