Guitar Hero: On Tour

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Guitar Hero: On Tour

Postby mfnick » 22 Apr 2008, 14:26

:D Cant wait for this!
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Guitar Hero: On Tour

Postby Gauntletz » 22 Apr 2008, 14:33

Well..I'm excited about it anyway.
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Postby charliemouseuk » 23 Apr 2008, 10:19

I'm intrigued but don't really get it.

Is it for people who don't have it at home?

It's not like you could play it on the tube if you have to shout to activate star power.

I dunno. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see (and maybe hope a mate picks it up so I can have a go).
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Postby boskersrevenge » 23 Apr 2008, 11:08

I'm a customer! Should be fun.
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Hard to play

Postby johnnybach12 » 19 Jul 2008, 12:07

Ok guitar hero on tour seems brill theres just one problem hoe can you play it. Red Octane are saying to keep your hand straight but that way your DS is slanting upwards. This is a realy bugging thing but a part from that I love it :roll: . it's just that one thing that's all. I haven't stopped playing but the more I do it hurts even WORSE! .[/b]
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