Spore Creature Creator out June

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Maxis spills beans, although EA UK tells CVG no retail release is confirmed for these shores

We've known for a while that EA and Maxis plan to unleash the Spore Creature Creator as a separate product before the full game ships, and now eyes are turned to June for its release.... read more

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Spore Creature Creator out June

Postby Waste_Manager » 22 Apr 2008, 11:59

So I have to pay for it, then get it again when the proper game ships? Err...no.

It should just be free. Its not like its putting extra development time in, as it is a feature of the main game, and will do wonders for publicity.
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Postby fleeties » 22 Apr 2008, 17:18

Seems like 100 million The Sims games sold has gotten to the head of maxis.
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Postby Paul_Boland2 » 22 Apr 2008, 20:49

Agreed. What's the deal with this commercial version? I mean, who in their right mind is going to pay for a tool to create creatures which you can't use till the game ships and the tool will be in the game anyway?!?!? Just sounds silly! I'll be taking the demo version for a whirl until the main game ships. Only way I'll buy the commercial version is if its a couple of euros, tops!
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Postby Karis » 22 Apr 2008, 21:30

I can't believe they're going to sell it.

But if it's free, you've got to pick it up. It's just about the best thing - ever!

I can see endless nights frittered away with the creator...
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Postby Lightbulb » 25 Apr 2008, 11:22

Free version: 25% of the parts from the full game
Retail version: Some price

So get the free version? :roll:

WHY should it be free? You may want it to be free but thats not the same thing.

I will probably get the free version and have a play around but save the full version for when the final game ships (maybe).

Also i find it highly amusing that you are basically posting:

"I can't believe the makers of the Sims are looking to make money!!!!eleven"

In other news today: gravity is still going, air is breathable and 'tards still inhabit the internet...
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