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"You'll really get to feel the massive difference between being a human and being an immortal"

Highlander television series mastermind David Abramowitz and the game's producer Ed Wolfe talk about bringing the franchise to Xbox 360...... read more

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Postby funkyjack » 19 Apr 2008, 16:32

Can't wait, I just hope the combat isn't a button masher, a tactical sword fighting game would be so great for this series.
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Postby Miss Marvellous » 20 Apr 2008, 17:39

They have to sign up the Queen sound that wouild add so much atmospher to the game
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Postby Skullet » 20 Apr 2008, 21:30

"Highlander television series mastermind David Abramowitz" I almost cried tears of laughter when I read that. The TV series was massively mediocre, and I'm being generous there. The first Highlander movie was an absolute masterpiece, the embarrassing drivel that followed it was frankly tragic.

If they manage to make a decent game out of this it'll be the first time since 1986 that the Highlander brand hasn't been marred by mediocrity.

They need to stop inventing MacLeod's though, Duncan was bad enough, but who the feck is Owen MacLeod? They should take there own catchphrase a little more seriously "There can be only one" And its Connor MacLeod. :)
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Postby Acheron51 » 21 Apr 2008, 00:33

Skullet wrote:The first Highlander movie was an absolute masterpiece...

You're doing that generous thing again.
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Postby bogrot » 21 Apr 2008, 09:10

So basically what we have is fight, fight, fight, run a bit, jump a bit followed by end of level boss.

I like the amount of thought that's gone in to providing a unique gameplay experience...
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Postby Andeeg1 » 21 Apr 2008, 21:18

so they are bringing out a highlander game..should be fun..if only they brought out a "brave Heart" game too :lol:
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Postby briangriffin » 21 Apr 2008, 21:56

cheesy film, 80's style, could be a cool game though!
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