Bully banned in Brazil

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Because "everything in the game takes place inside a school" - well, bugger us...

A Brazilian judge has banned the sale of Rockstar's playground romp Bully in the region.... read more

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Bully banned in Brazil

Postby fleeties » 12 Apr 2008, 11:14

Well im going to get TWO youth centres and get Bully un-banned! :roll:
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Postby NG_21 » 12 Apr 2008, 17:42

Have this judge seen how much brawling goes on in real schools?
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Postby Miss Marvellous » 12 Apr 2008, 17:58

I must have dreamed all the bits that were out in the town then which tbh is about 80% of the game.
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Postby Tekken._.PS3 » 12 Apr 2008, 22:27

Miss Marvellous wrote:I must have dreamed all the bits that were out in the town then which tbh is about 80% of the game.

I Was just thinking the exact same thing.
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Postby spooney100 » 13 Apr 2008, 10:35

'Cos Brazil is such a safe country with such a straight government and poilce force!
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Re: Bully banned in Brazil

Postby sorpaqq » 09 Apr 2011, 17:21

If they ban Bully for being set in school then they have to go and get rid of Harry Potter games for being set in Hogwarts school as well to justify their decision.
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