Army of Two

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EA's gruesome twosome shooter is finally ready...

When Ridley Scott revisited Alien to produce a director's cut, many fans were surprised that, rather than chuck a load of extra footage in, he actually cut a lot out. The resulting re-edit was tighter and scarier, turning a good movie into a great one. And so it is with Army Of Two. When we wrote our world exclusive review back in November, we found ourselves looking at a mostly fun game that had some serious flaws. It seems that EA shared our opinion, announcing (just hours after we went to press) that the game was to be delayed a few more months to allow the team to tweak it.... read more

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Army of Two

Postby FunkYellowMonkey » 05 Mar 2008, 13:05

Cool, getting this definitely! :D
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Postby Mappman » 05 Mar 2008, 13:18

It sounds good but just falls short of my must-have list. Maybe I'll pick it up on a trade-in or from the used games shelves.
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Postby berelain » 05 Mar 2008, 13:28

sounds interesting, I've been looking for a new co-op titles since Kane & Lynch proved so bloody terrible. And you can only replay Gears of War and Halo 3 so many times.

One qualm with the review though: comparing Call of Duty 4 to a Michael Bay movie. I thought COD4 was meant to be good? ;-p
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Postby User removed » 05 Mar 2008, 13:31

Probably just misses out on my list of games to get this year; already got 1 a month for my ps3 which is as much as I can afford. Maybe a kind releative will pick it up for me.
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Postby ileatyoualive » 05 Mar 2008, 13:43

*air guitars*
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Postby bmaindj » 05 Mar 2008, 14:04

I was looking forward to this before it disappeared months ago but it now looks like it's been worth the wait, will be a purchase friday me thinks!
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Postby funkyjack » 05 Mar 2008, 14:26

I'll probably just rent this one.
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Postby b0ilhawk » 05 Mar 2008, 14:44

like all the best straight to dvd seagal films, you will pick it up, look at the back of the box before sighing "nah" and move on.
the pre owned shelves will be bulging with copies of this a few days after its release.
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Postby DAEDALUS79 » 05 Mar 2008, 15:06

Sounds like another stranglehold to me, looks good at first but soon becomes boring and with little to no replay value at all. I may give it a rent but wont pay money for it.
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Postby kricca » 05 Mar 2008, 16:22

Looks like my cuppa tea.

It does however have "EA" on the box so (as always) I'll wait for a well used copy.
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Postby corlock » 05 Mar 2008, 19:42

its awesome the way they show it on the screenshots...also, its FPS...
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Postby b0ilhawk » 05 Mar 2008, 20:24

kricca wrote:Looks like my cuppa tea.

It does however have "EA" on the box so (as always) I'll wait for a well used copy.

i resisted the tempation to make the exact same observation about what logo will be on the box.
its a stamp of "disappointment awaits"
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Postby reggina » 05 Mar 2008, 20:40

got my copy today,bunked off work too play it,its a great game prob not as good as cod4 but still up there,,best game of the year so far worth buying

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Postby Eyhren » 05 Mar 2008, 22:09

I'm glad to hear they managed to save it, but i doubt i will get it anyway.
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Postby thelazyone » 06 Mar 2008, 00:04

One thing i dont understand, if this game is compared to "a straight to dvd Steven Segal movie" (not even Van Damm lol!), then how on earth did it still recieve an overall of 8.7???????

You name me one straight to dvd, steven segal movie that is worthy of such a high score????????

If it wasnt for that comment, i woulda bought this one..prehaps as many people have said, second may be the way...
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