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Review: An artistic, head-banging masterpiece

It's easy to take the piss out of watching people play Guitar Hero and Wii Fit in the office. But until you're sat in front of a computer monitor with a trio of vibrating controllers shoved inside your coat, you just don't know how much of a prat you can look playing a game.... read more

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Rez HD

Postby AndyR » 30 Jan 2008, 10:20

Start your downloads!
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Rez HD

Postby funkyjack » 30 Jan 2008, 10:22

Sounds like an absolute bargain to me!
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Postby RioPapa » 30 Jan 2008, 10:35

First i've heard of this game, sounds interesting. I shall be downloading it later.
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Postby boskersrevenge » 30 Jan 2008, 10:42

GAH! 20gig (or rather 13 - sneaky MS) just isn't enough... :x

For this, though.. I shall get more points!
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Postby ginsin » 30 Jan 2008, 10:43

I downloaded the trial, and I must say I was very impressed. Lovin' the look and the sound/music. It's my first time playing it - though I do remember it way back when I owned a Dreamcast. Might end up buying the full game soon.
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Rez HD

Postby rallyeboy » 30 Jan 2008, 10:44

I downloaded and had a quick go on it morning and all those Dreamcast memories came flooding back in Hi-Def & 5.1 sound, It Is Awesome. This is got to be the best release on XBLA to date. Cant wait to get on it tonight.
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Postby sevvy b goode » 30 Jan 2008, 10:49

Woohoo... Rez is here and hasnt suffered a SWOS type delay...

Maybe M$ arent all that evil after all... :D
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Postby jingizu99 » 30 Jan 2008, 11:28

I remember really loving Rez on the DC. Here's hoping. This is definitely on my list for tonight.
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Postby funkyjack » 30 Jan 2008, 12:02

Well I just this minute got my 360 back from the hospital and bought Rez HD straight away! Just done level one and it fooking rocks!

Love it, defo one of the best XBLA titles.
He who nades, always wins...
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Postby BlindFish » 30 Jan 2008, 12:09

This is an awesome game. I bought it on PS2 as a christmas present for my sister's boyfriend (I've never owned a PS2) - just so I could play it myself! I don't own a 360, but this alone tempts me towards the dark side...
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Postby mickie19 » 30 Jan 2008, 12:36

I'd love to see a visualiser in it. Love the original.
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Postby FunkYellowMonkey » 30 Jan 2008, 12:51

REZ-tastic! :D
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Postby FatBoyFonz » 30 Jan 2008, 12:56

But is there any point getting this if I still have the DC version?
(Although the DC isn't set up on my nice telly)
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Postby Tricky_Rich » 30 Jan 2008, 13:19

FatBoyFonz do you have any idea how hypnotic your avatar is?
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PS2 original

Postby jmossop » 30 Jan 2008, 14:39

Just to clarify for my own piece of mind but didn't it get released on the dreamcast first?
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