American McGee part one

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We join one of gaming's most renowned and influential designers to talk Bad Day LA and much much more...

American McGee is one of gaming's most renowned and influential designers. Having started way back when with id Software on Doom II, Quake and then Quake II, he swiftly moved over to EA in the late nineties creating the acclaimed American McGee's Alice.... read more

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American McGee part one

Postby gothchild » 18 Aug 2006, 15:27

Finally. And the bit I wanted to read, about the game industries future, is on monday.
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Postby maguire12 » 19 Aug 2006, 14:00

With the talk of advertising in games I thourhgt id add my comments on the subject, personally I think advertising in games, depending on the nature of the game, can be a good thing. Toca Race Driver 2 (and prob 3, tho I didnt play it as much cause I got a 360) had a lot of advertising in it, and it added to the realism of the game.

I read somewhere else that at one time Game Companies would have to approach the company they wanted to advertise for permission to use their name. And that now adays the situation has reversed and companies approach Game Companies with the intention of getting their name in a game. If this is anything like television, where big $$$ are paid to put an advert on tv, then Id hope this extra revenue generated through advertising in games will help to substantially bring down the cost of gaming in the long run.
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Postby keyser7 » 20 Aug 2006, 01:02

i think it depends on the game and how much advertising is in it, something like a racer that would have adverts in real life is fine, as is real- world set games as long as its in context and appropriate.
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