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KUF demo on Live tomorrow

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Circle of Doom demo arrives - see it inside

A demo of Microsoft's Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom has finally arrived on European XBL Marketplace.... read more

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KUF demo on Live tomorrow

Postby boskersrevenge » 17 Jan 2008, 19:21

Looking forward to this demo, hopefully it's a little cracker :)
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Postby funkyjack » 17 Jan 2008, 21:23

bloody typical, my 360 has to screw up just when one of my most anticapted games has a demo released for it!
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Postby ginsin » 18 Jan 2008, 01:33

Isn't this game meant to be 'abit dodgy'? I know Gamespot gave it 6.0. IGN gave it 5.8! Below or average at best from everyone else.

But I might download the demo, check it out and make my own mind up. But from what I've heard, it's an uninspired hack-and-slash - which is something I just can't be arsed with. Ahh, when will there be a good dungeon-crawl for my beloved 360?!
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Postby RioPapa » 18 Jan 2008, 10:51

Quite liked the look of the trailer so i'll be downloading the demo later.
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Postby berelain » 18 Jan 2008, 12:29

reviews have been lukewarm at best, but I'm a nutcase for the KUF series and Ninety-Nine Nights, so I've gotta give this a try.
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Postby Andy_Monahan » 19 Jan 2008, 02:19

Thought the graphics were ropey with lots of shimmer, voice acting is pathetic. Will have another bash when I get my new telly next week.

At the moment it's reminding me of Record of Lodoss War for the Dreamcast.
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Postby dark_gamer » 19 Jan 2008, 10:42

Had a small chance to play this last night before I got kicked out of my brother's room. It's a Hack 'N' Slash RPG, not an Action RPG (you can't even jump which the game feels like you should be able to do), and from what I've played so far I don't think it's too bad, and I'm not really a fan of Hack 'N' Slash games, though it's probably the RPG elements which makes this game seem ok (like Shining Soul on GBA did).
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Postby kennlou » 20 Jan 2008, 12:44

8) i download the demo it was good ,if you like ninty nine nights you should like this, its alot like that . the story seems just as cheezy as it use to be, i will be buying this game when it comes out!!!
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