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Prize Fight TV

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Prize Fight CEO Paul Sulyok takes us behind the screens of videogame tournament television

On July 14, on Sky 146 between 8.30pm and 9.30pm, the first Prize Fight TV show aired. Prize Fight TV, for those unaware, is a televised videogame extravaganza constructed to show Prize Fight Pro Gaming Leagues and Cups matches battled out online at, where gamers go toe-to-toe in multiplayer games for cash prizes. It provides gamers with the opportunity to watch edited highlights of their recent matches - and viewers with the chance to watch footage of games, complete with commentary and post-match analysis.... read more

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Prize Fight TV

Postby ptechg » 05 Aug 2006, 17:24

All I can say is that it is about time this has happened, and I wish everyone at Prize Fight UK and Paul the best of luck. I'd like to be involved as well, though I'd never be good enough to be a competitor, except maybe on Tekken :)
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Postby Aircool_212 » 27 Sep 2006, 12:17

I'll second that. I'm pretty good at Cod etc, but not interested in competing, just watching others. It's a shame I only have a freeview box, but maybe one day we'll see e-sports on TV. After all, Poker is on TV a lot these days and it's not the most action packed of games to watch.

Also, y'never know, it might show some gamers a thing or two about how to cooperate and play BF2 properly :wink:

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