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Archlord: Character 'enhancement' at a price

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Codemasters thrilled to introduce its 'PlayPLUS' initiative alongside its upcoming MMORPG

Thrilling news in the world of MMORPGs this morning as Codemasters launches an exciting initiative for its upcoming Archlord whereby, if you want to enjoy some of the really cool stuff in the game, you'll have to pay a shitload more. Hooray!... read more

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Archlord: Character 'enhancement' at a price

Postby User removed » 04 Aug 2006, 11:03

Another cut in the death of a 1,000 cuts the PC gaming hobby seems to be going through with decisions like this.
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Archlord: Character 'enhancement' at a price

Postby ramsingh1 » 04 Aug 2006, 11:05

PlayPLUS? more like PayPLUS.

I highly doubt that this MMRPG will do well with Codies wanting to rip us off even further.

For even trying to attempt it Im sure some people out there are gonna be miffed at them. I for one wont be buying any Colin Mcrae games (or buy when there are 2nd hand copies).

Everywhere you look nowadays its additional payment this....microtransactions that etc etc...

Its no wonder people turn to piracy. Just look at the DVD expensive are they getting? And when you do buy one...BANG theres another super duper turbo edition set of that film thats available.
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Re: Archlord: Character 'enhancement' at a price

Postby Thalanos » 04 Aug 2006, 13:35

ramsingh1 wrote:PlayPLUS? more like PayPLUS.

rofl. I was ACTUALLY reading it as PayPLUS! I didn't even see the 'l'.

What ever happened to the concept that games are more fun if everybody competes on an even playing-field and skill is what allows you progress, not money!?!?
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Postby liquid_metal » 04 Aug 2006, 13:37

Buying stuff in the "real world" for use in an MMORPG completely defeats the purpose of the game. Those crazy Koreans love this kind of thing but they're pretty much all willing to pay for extra stuff. In the western world I can't really see it happening as the hardcore will buy it to make themselves more hardcore but where does that leave anyone else?

MMORPG's should be moving into the realms of online sandboxes where everything is effected by the player but its moving in the opposite direction which will eventually kill the genre off.

Except for those Koreans, who will play until they turn the internet off.
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Postby mupdan » 04 Aug 2006, 13:49

I was kind of interested in trying this game, but not any more. I don't like the idea that I won't be able to compare to the little rich kids with daddy's credit card unless I'm willing to splash out 3 times as much money every month. Being able to pay more to advance in level faster takes any notion of skill from the game, and talents such as being able to summon party members is something that already exists in MMOs (ie, WoW) without requiring you to pay any more.

This is a cynical exec-in-suits decision, and I can't see how it's going to benefit the game at all. I think this announcement is going to kill this game before it even begins.
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Postby moby_matt » 04 Aug 2006, 19:06

It's tantamount to giving them your credit card with the PIN number written across it...

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Postby dandare69 » 04 Aug 2006, 20:13

I did like the look of Archlord, but i think this little press release just makes me want to stick with Guild Wars!! Roll on Nightfall!
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Postby ramsingh1 » 05 Aug 2006, 21:15

I wonder whats next...The new Colin Mcrae game £50 from the shops, but if you want to play it properly your gonna want some wheels for the car...Cough up some more money please!

Any of you guys heard about that expansion for the Saga or Ryzom? (possibly spelt wrong)

Its free for a expansion! plus it has an editor with it. So you can create your own quests towns etc.

And all that for free. Now go back and read this news article about what Codemasters are trying to pull. Hmmm, I wonder which company and game deserves my money and attention...
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ramsingh1 48
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Bethesda, etc

Postby User removed » 06 Aug 2006, 11:30

I did say when Bethesda announced it's pricing for add-ons, that if gamers made it a success they would rue the day. I also said that I would not be surprised if Elder Scrolls V was sold as just the Imperial City and 20 Imp.City quests, followed by other areas and cities, at an extra cost, to see the rest of the world, not being able to complete the main quest until you had spent £100/$150, or more, on 5 or 6 'add-on's'. This was before the Codemaster's announcement. It would seem it's going to happen way before Elder Scrolls V comes out in my mind now!

Given that game demands force you to buy a $300 card every year on top of these extra game costs, they really are pricing themselves out of the market and helping the continuing diminishing of PC gaming as a mainstream hobby!

I wonder if it's a vicious circle: Publishers can see the market shrinking, so want to get the highest profit they can from each unit sold. hence 5 hour Half Life 2 'Episodes' for $20-$30, STEAM downloading (no packaging, manual or distribution costs), and these Codemaster PLAYPlus and Bethesda non-free add-ons. But by taking these actions, publishers are actually CAUSING the market to shrink by these very actions! So the market shrinks more, more publishers go down this route, the market shrinks even more, etc.

It's scary for someone who has been in the gaming hobby for nearly 20 years! Hope you all hung on to all your classic past games and put them in the attic or something, or you're going be stuck in a couple years, I think!
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Postby ramsingh1 » 06 Aug 2006, 18:57

Like it or not this paying for "extras" is going to stay.

You go on some other forums and you will hear many gamers say "wow horse armour! so what if it costs this much..? The developers DESERVE my money!"

With people like that this "pay for content that bloody should be free" is set to continue. If people refused to buy these "extras" then maybe we can change where this is headed. Which is a lot of people moving towards piracy.

Its a dark turn of events and its set to stay.
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