SNK, Atari holding off PS3 development

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No PS3 games in 2006 for Atari while SNK waiting out "risk" period, looking toward 2009/10

Both SNK and Atari have stated their intention to hold off releasing games on Sony's PS3 for the time being, as production of the console is cranked up in time for the machine's November launch this year.... read more

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SNK, Atari holding off PS3 development

Postby MisterBedo » 03 Aug 2006, 17:11

Ahhh, the high price issue comes up yet again.

If I was head honcho at Sony I'd be aiming for a Christmas release - it is the time for miracles after all :wink:
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SNK, Atari holding off PS3 development

Postby Crow555 » 03 Aug 2006, 17:12

Speaking to, Atari's CEO Bruno Bonnell noted that his company won't be publishing games for the PS3 until 2007, stating that, "we're lacking information about the PS3 at this stage, because we have basically a rough release date and a high retail price point."

I'm getting a phrase coming to mind with the words, "Pole", "10 foot" and "barge". I'll let you work out the rest.
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Postby bazzatuk » 03 Aug 2006, 18:54

Interesting comments. Is this a little insight into the industry and maybe some bad feeling about the cost of PS3 making it more of a risk.
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Postby daijohn » 04 Aug 2006, 10:12

... or could this be an indication of how much it costs to make a next-gen game? If so, Atari are right to play a cautious approach. I mean, it's only in recent years Atari is back on it's feet right?

Less console fan base x less games sold = up to ur neck in s**t!

The high console price of the PS3 is a concern for every developer, not just Atari.
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Postby User removed » 04 Aug 2006, 11:11

PS3 is coming by then end of this year. I think the situation is pretty similar to xbox360 year ago.
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Postby seedaripper » 07 Aug 2006, 22:23

er...SNK make metal slug...they have been really focused on next gen machines all along :wink:
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