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Looking Back... World in Conflict

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PC Zone slips under the Iron Curtain and gets a few words from Massive Entertainment CEO Martin Walfisz

World in Conflict is an immersive mother of a real-time strategy game, making players team up tactically to solve objectives in small skirmishes, eschewing micromanagement of all kinds. Ed Zitron managed to get Massive CEO Martin Walfisz to drop the bomb on the game...... read more

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Looking Back... World in Conflict

Postby humorguy » 16 Dec 2007, 16:37

looking back....??????

Looking back should be for games at least a year or two old, or why the heck is it called 'Looking Back'??? We have had 20 years of great PC gaming, if World in Conflict is 'looking back' then a game like X-Com would be an 'Archaeological dig'!
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Postby Spybreak8 » 17 Dec 2007, 05:08

Lol I agree, World in Conflict isn't old enough but still great. Now if it was looking back to Starcraft, I can see that one.
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Postby the688 » 18 Dec 2007, 18:04

Made sense to me. Instead of looking back at something 10 years after the experiences drawn from it have been put to use, you do the evaluation while the product is still relevant, and while the lessons that can be learned, are still worth talking about.

"So, what did you learn from XCom?" "Well, VGA graphics really pushed our envelope..."
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