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Codemasters targets peer-to-peer users

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Cash demands issued...

Codemasters has launched an attack on videogame pirates, issuing cash demands to people it accuses of illegally downloading its software.... read more

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Codemasters targets peer-to-peer users

Postby wudragon » 10 Dec 2007, 13:16

For all the cost is for a pc version of Colin McRae Dirt, i say it serves them all right. Make them pay!

Rest in peace Colin, you are always sadly missed.
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Postby pocket1 » 10 Dec 2007, 13:26

Im not saying its right or wrong to obtain illegal copies of games but how are they justifying the £511? Surely these people should be charged the RRP of the games?
pocket1 35
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Postby jingizu99 » 10 Dec 2007, 13:29

Well there you go. Final confirmation from the source itself of what we already knew...

The much touted FADE system doesn't work.
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Postby rabbit0147 » 10 Dec 2007, 13:29

What if the person who never had any intention of buying the game gets caught????
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Postby influenceuk » 10 Dec 2007, 13:33

Argeed, £511 is quite alot and they should only be charge the RRP. But if its that they have incurred court costs too, they should foot the bill.

As a tax payer and a gamer i rather not foot the bill for other people not wanting to buy the original.
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Postby Skid » 10 Dec 2007, 14:09

pocket1 wrote:Surely these people should be charged the RRP of the games?

Crazy talk! That would only encourage piracy further. Freeloaders would happily download games safe in the knowledge that even if they were caught they would only have the RRP to pay.

£511 sounds OK to me, it's not as extreme as the £2000+ that the music industry likes to charge people but it's enough to make someone think twice before pirating again.

Also, the people who torrent it aren't just acquiring a free copy, they are also helping to distribute it.
Skid 25
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Postby Mogs » 10 Dec 2007, 14:12

Ineffectual scare-mongering will do them more harm than good.
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Postby leeb1977 » 10 Dec 2007, 14:43

thank god for usenet eh :wink:
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Postby ted1138 » 10 Dec 2007, 15:03

So if you have a computer connected to the internet you can be acused of a "crime" and be instantly fined? And as far as they are concerned were all guilty until we can prove ourselves innocent? :roll:
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Postby falloutwarchief » 10 Dec 2007, 15:51

I could only read half the article thanks to most of it being covered by a !&%*$ Turning Point ad - seriously CVG, when advertisements start to hinder general use of the site, you need to get them back under control. It's enough that it usually sounds like WW3 outside whenever I visit, but now I can't actually see the content? Same thing with the ads in the Video Player a few days ago, I was trying to watch something but the banner ad kept dropping down over the screen. EDIT: Turns out this only happened because my Firefox likes to automatically open/extend any ads that can be opened/extended, and gives me a hard time when trying to close them. It doesn't happen with IE. Still though, the fact that having these ads makes such a scenario possible still gives me grounds to complain. :P

Anyway complaints about invasive advertising aside, I laughed at this story. In my opinion Codemasters games aren't good enough to warrant purchase, let alone download. I personally don't download games anyway so it makes no difference to me. Music and video content is fine, but its usually less hassle to buy a game than to download it. No waiting for download, no risk of viruses, no cracking, image mounting or farting around trying to circumvent copy protection, no chance you're going to be locked out of multiplayer or wont be provided with patches, and now also no cance it's going to end up costing you £511.
I buy console games most of the time anyway, so the fact that PC games are usually considerably cheaper also helps justify just buying them.
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Postby vulcanraven01 » 10 Dec 2007, 16:04

Personally I think it's just a waste of everyone's time, money and effort.
Many people have dynamic IP addresses and use IP blacklisting tools. All these problems lead to an ineffective procedure that will get more innocent people involved than guilty.
Also, £511? How did they pull that number out their arse? If anyone's caught that's actually guilty they should force their ISP to issue a warning first and if caught again they will have theiur service cancelled and be placed on a watch list so whenever they sign onto another ISP, they know what they are getting...
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Postby User removed » 10 Dec 2007, 19:21

I say we just hang them. Like in the good old days.
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Postby lmimmfn » 10 Dec 2007, 19:56

Ill not be buying any more Codemasters stuff from now on then. Idiots, if theres one thing that seriously pi$$es me off is the paying consumer suffering because of piracy. Piracy will always exist, why cant they get it into their thick heads, anyone who likes something will more than likely buy it, if its crap they wont, why should we suffer? and in this case those people who had nothing to do with the game. This and thay crappy Bioshock activation nonsense, when does it end?

Its greedy corporate idiots, id be damn sure their loses from piracy might be ~ 5%, but instead they go on the rampage and just show their true colours, grrrr
I HATE fanboys, fanboy - "Fanboys are noted for a very emotional attachment to their chosen subject, often taking negative remarks about it as a personal attack."
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