Resistance 2 - further along than expected?

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Even more fingers point towards a 2008 release

There are fresh rumours doing the rounds this morning that a sequel to Insomniac's PS3-launch shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man will, be with us next year.... read more

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Resistance 2 - further along than expected?

Postby vectra » 13 Nov 2007, 11:16

Darn it! No more cliffhanger endings please! Just end the game properly and make the events of the next happen as a surprise! Like the terminator movies or Die Hard.

When stretched across several games it gets rather thin and diluted. Can't wait to see what they do now that they are more experienced with the PS3 though.
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Resistance 2 - further along than expected?

Postby cykosis » 13 Nov 2007, 11:21

can't wait one of the most fun FPS i've played in ages and defo one of the best co-op games out there. with haze, army of two, killzone 2 coming soon hopefully more wicked co-op times to come.
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Postby leprechaun75 » 13 Nov 2007, 11:39

I heard a rumour that next time round, you will be able to use vehicles in online play ( like warhawk ) But resistance is way better as an online game than warhawk is and I hope they don't change too much about it...if Insomniac do as good a job at making the states look as authentic as they did with England, then we're in for a treat....
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Postby roger4000 » 13 Nov 2007, 12:17

i agree, this has to be one of the best fps i've played in ages. once finished i started it immediately again. the amount of graphics on screen at some points was astounding. i also bought a fragfx mouse and nunchuck which made the game twice as enjoyable. cant wait for the next instalment.
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Postby capsule_toy » 13 Nov 2007, 13:47

Excellent!!! Keep those great Sony exclusives coming Insomniac. (no sarcasm for the Sonybashers)

Good work ^_^
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Postby MarcuFenix » 13 Nov 2007, 16:33

Interesting news. I wonder if its going to be a rehash of the same engine and models or totally new redesigned stuff...
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Postby runadumb » 13 Nov 2007, 20:11

HA i just finished the game a minute ago. Good game, would love to see what they can squeeze out of the machine now they know what their doing. I dont normally play console FPS games as the PC is much better (dont argue) but would def be interested in a sequel
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Postby vulcanraven01 » 13 Nov 2007, 20:41

I thought it was abit early for a sequel to this game but I guess its just be the same engine but better optimized to take advantage of the hardware.
More PS3 exclusives can only be a good thing.
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