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Football Manager 2008

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A season of consolidation

Somehow, the Football Manager series is both an acquired taste and a huge success. A possible explanation for this is simple: it does something ostensibly very dull but does it very well.... read more

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Football Manager 2008

Postby User removed » 27 Oct 2007, 14:54

It is defintely worth buying if you haven't got 2007.
I've 'upgraded' from 2006, and there is a whole world of changes.
User removed

Postby Aircool_212 » 29 Oct 2007, 21:13

I thought this was one of the best reviews in this months mag.

I always think FM/CM is an RPG at heart, moreso than most games that call themselves RPGs.

For me though, the series is getting too bogged down in detail. Perhaps they should have careers for scout, coach and assistant manager so you can work your way up to manager if you want.
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Postby Downleyboy » 30 Oct 2007, 15:09

It's the most rediculously buggy retail version since CM4! :(
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Postby ugeine » 01 Nov 2007, 20:38

It's a bit hard on PCZ to have to review games like this as soon as they're released (well, not the playing them for free and getting paid for the pleasure part) as FM games tend to make more of the tiny little add ons that only become worth it if you invest a lot of time into it.

I only really started seeing FM07 for what it was about after three five year games, and it's these kinds of fans they aim for; not the Fifa brigade, the type that love to sit in a pub and talk about the relative merits of signing unknown players for invisible teams (IE football nerds), rather then the ones that want to see Ronaldo's new step over trick in HD.

To be fair to the game, it should really be reviewed in six months or so time (as impossible as that would be, I know).
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Postby sc0tty77 » 23 Nov 2007, 02:03

iv just got it and lost a solid day playing it lol my eyes are burning......seems quality up to now
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Postby Buggs_17 » 12 Jan 2008, 15:20

Does anyone else cheat and use the editor? I do.
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Postby Bongo_clive » 24 Feb 2008, 12:31


I always resisit the temptation to cheat, play it as a proper RPG. If I lose a cup final, then so be it, you play on.

And I'd love to have a go at doing the Chairman or Assistant Manager job. I think scout or coach would be too difficult to get into the them game, plus it would be very boring.
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Postby thomlang » 05 Mar 2008, 13:17

yeah, id love to play as assistant manager and scout etc. itd be an awesome addition to a great game. just bought it last week and im truly addicted, much to my girlfriends dismay. im not a pc gamer in general (this is the only game i play) but this gives my wii some time off until pro evo and mario kart.

its a good time to be a gamer i think!!!
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