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Freaky Folklore trailer = BOO!

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Unusual and better than most other game trailers...

So Folklore? A good game with great SixAxis controls that's been well received all round? Well I never. What next, rumble?... read more

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Freaky Folklore trailer = BOO!

Postby FlashDeck » 18 Oct 2007, 18:13

Scared the s**t out of me :shock:
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FlashDeck 48
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Postby Stewgeary999 » 18 Oct 2007, 19:08

My volume control is one of those touch-sensitive slide ones, so it accidentally went right up to full blast. I'm going to change my kecks... :oops:
Stewgeary999 37
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Location: United Kingdom

Postby wildhook2 » 18 Oct 2007, 21:55

Hopefully to get it this weekend.
wildhook2 54
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Postby OfficialBlue » 18 Oct 2007, 22:18

Anyone with a PS3 MUST HAVE THIS GAME! People without this great gem of a game for the PS3 you should definitly think about getting a PS3 for this game! no jokes :!:
OfficialBlue 34
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Joined: 22 Dec 2006, 14:42
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Postby Rebel Worm » 19 Oct 2007, 00:45

Folklore is the best game available on Playstation 3 at the moment and uses the sixaxis amazingly well, better than Lair anyway. :evil: That trailer is great, better than any microsoft ads(which are crap) :roll:
Rebel Worm 17
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Joined: 19 Oct 2007, 00:42
Location: Ireland

Postby User removed » 19 Oct 2007, 06:08

Hmm ... I have this game - now I'm scared to keep playing :P
I've seen that little girl around too *shudder*
User removed

Postby Terranova1 » 19 Oct 2007, 10:18

Ok wasn't expecting that, i'm only just coming to the end of the second realm with keats, finished it with Ellen, one question though is that girl the bar keepers daughter if so know wonder no one wants to play with her.
Terranova1 35
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Postby CVG Gav » 19 Oct 2007, 12:30

Got me too!

CVG Gav 63
Posts: 712
Joined: 25 Sep 2006, 15:42

Postby RoFerZ » 19 Oct 2007, 15:02

Thought this was confirmed as a fake/hoax...
(Still scared the *** out of me) ;) ... 9787.phtml

RoFerZ 53
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