Reservoir Dogs

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We lend Volatile an ear as it discusses its game based on Tarantino's silver screen classic

Quentin Tarantino's violent silver screen classic Reservoir Dogs is shortly to bring its bank heist malarkey to the videogame party in full-on ear slicing glory. Reservoir Dogs, the game, is being developed by Volatile Games for PC, PS2 and Xbox and is due this September. It's an adaptation of Tarantino's movie as opposed to a direct carbon copy, and although the game does re-create many of the film's memorable scenes it focuses more heavily on events that occur outside of those portrayed in the flick. But what else to expect? We caught up with project manager Dave Manuel to find out...... read more

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Reservoir Dogs

Postby garethhale » 16 Jun 2006, 02:31

As much as I'd love for this to be good, it's got bad news written all over it.
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Re: Reservoir Dogs

Postby The_Seed » 17 Jun 2006, 00:25

The Godfather, Scarface, Reservoir Dogs.

Ah well, I guess one consolation is that the Taxi Driver game fell through (although from what I hear this was down to financial reasons, not simple common sense.) What are they going to butcher next - Platoon? The Shawshank Redemption? SCHINDLERS BLOODY LIST? These movies were not made so greedy game developers/publishers could line their pockets by leeching off other peoples work instead of coming up with their own ideas!

Frankly I'm getting really disappointed with the gaming press for encouraging this s**t, I mean is there truly no line that can be crossed here?
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Great movies, crap games

Postby Donald73 » 18 Jun 2006, 11:18

When will they ever learn??? :?:
There are so many examples to learn from,so many movie to games makings that never should have been done..
But still they try..WAKE UP!
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Postby Machew » 19 Jun 2006, 11:26

Ill be happy as long as it keeps Tarantino's dark humour and doesnt just keep to the main storyline of the film, then all the funs over and making it a game almost impossible to go back to.
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Postby ptechg » 20 Jun 2006, 23:23

I'm down with that. When are they (they being everyone in the world just about) going to realise that two completely different mediums just do not cross over that well most of the time?
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