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Auto Assault

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NetDevil's Mad Max-style take on the MMO genre might have guns and cars, but we're just not convinced

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Auto Assault

Postby Aircool_212 » 15 Jun 2006, 21:27

Played the beta and sadly watched the game develop the wrong way. Should have gone for a Planetside feel and FPS style combat vice the hidden dice roll stuff. It was painful watching your turret auto tracking a target and flinging tons of lead onto the target but having the hidden dice roll make you 'miss' or cause no damage. Funniest moments were driving full pelt at pedestrians then bouncing off them (and taking damage) because they're higher level than you.

A wasted opportunity. The combat system will prevent the game from aquiring any depth.

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Postby liquid_metal » 15 Jun 2006, 22:17

I played a bit of the beta as well and was extremely disappointed with it. I was expecting some kind of Twisted Metal MMO but the system they use just doesn't work. You feel like your not doing anything besides pointing your vehicle in the right direction and holding down fire. After that it’s all up to the computer and luck.

An open vehicle based MMO with hundreds of upgrades, weapons and cars is a great premise and would make a huge change from the fantasy settings of WoW and the like. Auto Assault just isn't it, it will attract it's little following of fans but I can't see it lasting too long.
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