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Empire: Total War

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Jamie Sefton fills his wellington boots with possibly the finest strategy game ever to sail the seven seas

All hail the power of mystic Will Porter! Back in time, PC ZONE's less-than-ancient sage declared that if the logical next step for the Total War series was implementing naval combat, then "it would be a good opportunity to bring it into the Napoleonic era".... read more

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Empire: Total War

Postby richm74 » 18 Sep 2007, 10:59

Awwwww baby this is gonna be gooood!

I especially like the idea of being able to see all the buildings on the campaign map.
"Ok, the gun's real....but dogs can look up!"
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Postby gurujoe » 18 Sep 2007, 11:11

wow this is just like imperial glory
which was an amazing game and was out ages ago
i advise people to get it although tis old and stuff but still amazing
gurujoe 37
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Postby dandoc2 » 18 Sep 2007, 12:06

Is this gunna include the american civil war and independance etc?
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Postby darthmelly » 18 Sep 2007, 13:05

You forgot to mention Sharpe. Would be awesome if he was a playable leader :P

Sounds good but would be nice to have a few screenshots ...
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Postby humorguy » 18 Sep 2007, 23:45

Creative Assembly - I love you! You keep my brain working, instead of most publishers who want my brain to shrivel and my fingers and wrists to be able to twitch twice as fast instead!
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Jamie Sefton Empires comments

Postby Frankparis » 22 Sep 2007, 20:17

"...French dictator Napoleon..."
With respect, I would suggest Jamie Sefton to learn a bit more before writing such nonsense.
Frank Paris
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Re: Jamie Sefton Empires comments

Postby knacker5 » 08 Oct 2007, 23:10

Frankparis wrote:"...French dictator Napoleon..."
With respect, I would suggest Jamie Sefton to learn a bit more before writing such nonsense.
Frank Paris

True. But sadly, that's what you get with the English.
knacker5 36
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Postby vineFierce416 » 10 Oct 2007, 09:12

Tnk you a million!!!! :o
II really love and enjoy playing totalwar games and now with this new awaited version of empire total war, Im intensely excited...hope for your success in creating more features....
tnx again more power!!!
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Re: Jamie Sefton Empires comments

Postby User removed » 10 Oct 2007, 22:58

knacker5 wrote:
Frankparis wrote:"...French dictator Napoleon..."
With respect, I would suggest Jamie Sefton to learn a bit more before writing such nonsense.
Frank Paris

True. But sadly, that's what you get with the English.

:lol: Yeah, we're the boogeymen. We invented racism, oppression and Hob Nob biscuits. We're all evil and bigoted. All of us.

I have a bad feeling that CA will define Britain as a sea power with elite naval units, then balance this by nerfing our land units and generals. I cant see us being allowed to have both Nelson and Trafalgar, and Wellington and Waterloo.

Unless they want to let us have both, but have most of the world hate us for centuries to come. Cant see that working.
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follow the money

Postby User removed » 11 May 2008, 13:29

What defeated the 'emperor' Napoleon was not so much individuals such as Nelson, no matter how great their personal contribution, but the systems which supported the war machines.

Napoleons autocratic regime introduced numerous bureaucratic innovations and attempted creating a centralised, standardised Europe (sound familiar? e.g. Rome, Hitler & EU). But he failed to appreciate the greatest advance in Britain, i.e. a true free market economy supported by an international system of finance (sound familiar? e.g. Rome, Hitler & EU, OK not so much Rome, they did have quite advanced financial institutions). Napoleon famously accused Britain of being a nation of shopkeepers, he had failed to appreciate the importance of a robust trading economy in supporting protracted military operations. Napoleon's brilliance on the battlefield was not matched by a broader economic vision for Europe. It was therefore no surprise when he later declared himself Emperor. This just illustrated the old fashioned reactionary instincts were still at work in the heart of Europe. Contrast this against Washington refusing to be crowned king of the US!

I wonder if and how CA will implement some way of replicating the effects of different economic/government systems, e.g. more democratic states have greater wealth but are more liable to change tack with a change of government (reflecting the changing will of the people)

Also what comes next for CA total war series? , how about the 19th century 'the great game', this is well trodden ground by other developers. It would need greater non-war features to model economics, politics, industrialisation etc so might get bogged down. At this rate there might be few historical periods left, MTWIII anyone?
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Postby shimrod » 23 May 2008, 19:35

I'm hoping they'll go back and make a Rome 2 with this engine. Naval combat can be implemented very well in this era too. And Rome was so awesome...
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