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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Myth and Reality #3

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Feature: Tracing the history of GSC's FPS

Below is part three of a three-part feature on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Part one can be read here if you missed it, and part two can be read here.... read more

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Myth and Reality #3

Postby humorguy » 11 Sep 2007, 18:01

This three parter could only have been written about STALKER, I don't know of any other game you could write this much about without it being goo. It was a good 3 parter and very high on writing skill too (well done Jim!)for a change, so overall really good. But with it, however much CVG is going to say at the end of the year that Crysis is the PC Game of the Year, which it will, I will know that secretly they will be saying that really it was STALKER. And nothing they say in any messages after this will make me think otherwise.

I also repeat that this third part proves once again that STALKER should have scored much higher.

In fact all those PC gaming websites that gave it 80% or less are not in my bookmarks any more and those that gave 90% are now in my bookmarks, this is purely on the basis that those that saw what STALKER was and/or took the time too find out prior to review are the websites I want to go to for my PC gaming news and reviews. So, in conclusion, give STALKER a higher score, and beware the power of the web, because if your not in the bookmarks, you're nowhere!
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Postby the688 » 13 Sep 2007, 21:37

Wonderful read. I agree completely that STALKER should have scored much much higher. Most reviewers look at games the way most hi-fi enthusiasts listen to music. Because of their fascination of the technical workings and intricate details of the production, they lose the ability to sit back, "suspend disbelief" and engross themselves in the art itself. STALKER wasn't pretty, it wasn't bug-free, it wasn't .. a magnificent technical achievement. But it was one of the most interesting and enjoyable games I've ever played in my 20 years as a gamer.

Oddly enough, the same can be said for Operation Flashpoint. These days, I'm playing BioShock on my Xbox360. I love it, and I love the immense "quality of production". No doubt it will win countless GOTY awards - and deservedly so - but it doesn't have the feel that STALKER and Flashpoint had.

Playing STALKER, there's that sense of "I have no clue what will happen next", and the unpredictability - and originality - of the story gets me hooked completely. Bioshock has it's twists and turns, but it's still like watching an american horror movie. I'm not REALLY surprised by the plot, and I've seen it all before. Not so with STALKER or Flashpoint.

I remember reading in a pamphlet that came with a pair of insanely overpriced audiocables. It said something like "We hope that after using our cables, you'll still be able to just enjoy music" (...instead of just listening for minute details, they meant). I want music, not focus-group, massproduced, sugarcoated predictability.

Even though the artists werent the best in their field, from a technical standpoint, STALKER was wonderful music.
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Postby humorguy » 13 Sep 2007, 22:06

PC Zone and CVG are American boyband officiando's and STALKER is European Mozart. So while the American boyband of Bioshock will be forgotten in a year or so, STALKER will still be a blaze of light a decade from now.
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