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FIFA 08 - Wii

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Preview: Kick the ball with a flick of your wrist

EA has revealed more info on the Wii version of its upcoming multi-platform mega hit in the waiting, FIFA 08.... read more

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FIFA 08 - Wii

Postby suchthef00l » 08 Aug 2007, 13:22

So what they're saying is... EVERYONE who owns a Wii wants some cutesey, dumbed down, hideous American game to replace a perfectly good football game...

I don't understand- Who the hell thought this was a good idea not to make it a spin off series....

I understand the difference in console audience demographics but EA seem to be really shooting wide of the mark here (excuse the pun).
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Postby Mark240473 » 08 Aug 2007, 13:46

I think this will be cool if you have a 360/ps3 as well as wii, to buy both versions. :D
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Postby User removed » 08 Aug 2007, 14:03

As long as there's the regular type of game and there's online gameplay, then this flavour of FIFA could be a winner.

Stupid Konami, first they give us a s**tty version of Pro Evo on the DS, now they ignore the Wii - what's their problem?
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Postby User removed » 08 Aug 2007, 14:08

Never thought I'd buy a console on the basis of an EA game, but looks like a 360 might need purchasing
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Postby VIKINGMETAL » 08 Aug 2007, 16:12

TomSmithUK wrote:Never thought I'd buy a console on the basis of an EA game, but looks like a 360 might need purchasing


The main game modes (cups, leagues, manager mode etc.) will be the same as any of the others. It just has a mini game mode as well (because it's on the wii)

What i'm not sure about are the controls, again, because they didn't say what you actually have to do. If it's a "flick you wrist to the right to shoot" sort of thing i think i'll give it a miss. It would be nice to include alternative controls like using a Gamecube or Classic controller pad.
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Postby Mappman » 08 Aug 2007, 21:57

Yeah! Motion controls are perfect for football, after all, that's exactly how football's played right? By flicking your wrist?

Once again, the Wii proves that the added "immersion" of motion control is just totally unwarranted. Okay for flipping virtual pancakes, bad for kicking a football :wink:

Basically, this looks toss. Mind you, I hate football so it'd look toss if it were actually controlling the real thing via voodoo or something... :roll:
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Postby wan_nicky1 » 09 Aug 2007, 03:14

has CVG or nayone else for that matter got an official statement as to why konami has skipped the wii. i'd like to know if im gonna have to get a ps3/xbox ti ever play pes in the future
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