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Crytek admits Far Cry ending was "horrible"

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"The end was too difficult and... There was no design", Crytek's CEO says of the Far Cry climax

Crytek has admitted that the stupidly hard ending of its debut first-person shooter Far Cry was horrible, revealing that close to zero thought went into its design.... read more

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Crytek admits Far Cry ending was "horrible"

Postby Mark240473 » 01 Aug 2007, 14:38

The whole game was awful on the wii and xbox! :lol:
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Postby BYDO » 01 Aug 2007, 14:43

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn right!!! Awesome game though.
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Crytek admits Far Cry ending was "horrible"

Postby Mogs » 01 Aug 2007, 14:46

Oh it wasn't that bad.
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Crytek admits Far Cry ending was "horrible"

Postby lmimmfn » 01 Aug 2007, 14:46

This is like Deja Vu, ive read this now about 3 times in total, lol, actually i think CVG ran the same article/comments 2 months ago when asking Cevat about the improvements in Crysis's( Crysii???? ) game design over Far Cry
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Crytek admits Far Cry ending was "horrible"

Postby Tonyb » 01 Aug 2007, 14:47

Same old story by the sound of things...

Get the product to market before the big boys get their product out and seriously damage our market share and shareholder profits, even if it does mean compromising the quality of the finished game!
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Postby buffers32 » 01 Aug 2007, 15:02

To play devil's advocate if I may...

I applaud their honesty. Like many others (by the sound of it) I started to dislike the game once the alien element became apparent and I hated the game once I finished it. But I did finish it and that says something. The fact that they know it was a bad ending and they have already said that Far Cry 2 will be set in reality is a very wise move.

I can understand why they rushed it to get out before Doom 3 and HL2 - and that was a very sensible move. Besides, what percentage of players actually finish a game these days? I know people that buy these games knowing that they will only play them for a couple of days max - just to see what they look and play like.

If they can keep the quality of Far Cry's first level throughout the sequel then they will have a winner I am sure.
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Re: Crytek admits Far Cry ending was "horrible"

Postby chris_gower » 01 Aug 2007, 15:04

lmimmfn wrote:This is like Deja Vu, ive read this now about 3 times in total, lol, actually i think CVG ran the same article/comments 2 months ago when asking Cevat about the improvements in Crysis's( Crysii???? ) game design over Far Cry

was thinking just the same thing,,,
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Postby Mental » 01 Aug 2007, 15:13

I really liked the game at first but i stopped playing soon after the mutants came because the game got boring
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Postby The_Hun1 » 01 Aug 2007, 15:48

The end didnt bother me, i didnt think it was too hard to finish, the most annoying thing was the really bad design of the last third of the game, it was quite clear after 2 thirds of the game, they ran out of ideas and ended up putting boring mutants in it and it turned from beatiful jungle island shooter with great enemies into a boring anything fps with zombies in a indoor location.

It still had enough great ideas in the first 2 thirds of the game, still to be a great game, the last bit did ruin the fun though, which is a shame.
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Postby Mr Vengeance » 01 Aug 2007, 17:39

I stopped playing when the whole mutant thing took off. Crap. Great game otherwise.
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Postby Kaprikawn » 01 Aug 2007, 18:02

I stopped playing when I got to this boss dude who turned into an uber mutant. He was well hard. Was that the last level?
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Postby Feelic » 01 Aug 2007, 18:15

Xbox version was mostly pretty good fun for me, but I can accept that it probably isn't a patch on the pc version (which I never played).
Didn't find the ending that hard really - anyone know if the endings of the various versions were exactly the same..?
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Postby doomthree » 01 Aug 2007, 20:07

Far Cry won loads of awards and stuff didnt it.

when I played it I presumed I must be a part of a small minority that didnt think it was a PC gaming revolution.

Maybe not such a small minority then...

I also gave up when the stupid mutants appeared. Mostly if I start a game I have to finish it, even if I dont like it too much.
Far Cry just p**sed me off after a while.
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Postby Aircool_212 » 02 Aug 2007, 11:13

What is this, confession week? Is armageddon coming, is judgement day upon us?

The only thing I liked about Far Cry was the multiplayer - for the short time it was popular anyway.
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Postby deadmartyr » 02 Aug 2007, 13:12

I only started to have a slight dislike in that final volcano section - took me a number of goes to finish it off, but not as many as other games' end level have taken.

The only problem with the Trigens was the ones who lept at you a bit too unfairly - especially in some of the narrow corridors.
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