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Feature: How to get ahead online... a horse's head

Think of what you'd like from a game of gangsters. A thrilling car chase, the chance to pump lead into your enemy, a cool hat. Now play Omerta, the MMORPG and, er, you don't really get any of that. Not even the hat. It's text based. But while that may be off-putting to many, this is still the Football Manager of gangster games.... read more

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Postby Dajmin » 18 Jul 2007, 15:46

After reading the blurb on the website, I might have to give this one a shot.

But if we've started discussing online browser-based games, you could do a lot worse than the sci-fi based planet sim Planetarion too.
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Postby Inflammable Jim » 19 Jul 2007, 08:55

I played Omerta for a couple of weeks last summer and, uh, was colossally bored. I think it's mainly due to the fact that the core mechanics, the select crime -> click -> wait a minute -> select crime -> click -> wait a minute bit of it.

However, there were some interesting elements to it - permanent death particularly caught my eye. The trading is also decent enough, but the vast fun of the game comes (I am told) from being a part of a family. The communities around these are strong and form the bits of the game that you'll actually remember fondly.

Oh, and I would recommend NexusWar as my browser-based poison of choice. It's essentially inspired by Urban Dead, but the interface and things to do are massively increased. It's got a greater longevity - my characters have been rattling around for a year or more now and I haven't seen it all. It's also, like Omerta, got factions as its mini-communities amd the limited territory means there is actually something to fight over (this will be futher expanded in the 1.5 update, though it's a way off)
Finally, the game world is some two to three thousand players with some eight to nine thousand characters, so you really can make a difference - everything plays on the same server.

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Postby TH0M4S » 21 Jul 2007, 01:50

I could never get into that.
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Postby Robodonkey » 23 Jul 2007, 16:46

If someone made a game like this with a fairly simple graphical representation of what was going on (like Gangsters, for example), then maybe i'd be interested. I think that visualisation is important for any game with depth, and i'm too lazy to do it all in my head these days.
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