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Looking Back... Jade Empire

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Jon Blyth talks Chinese mythology, fanboys and taking photographs of bricks...

Bioware are best known for their interpretations of existing franchises: Knights Of The Old Republic remains a classic RPG that took Star Wars in more interesting directions than it had ever been before, and Neverwinter Nights makes fine use of the Forgotten Realms universe.... read more

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Looking Back... Jade Empire

Postby humorguy » 10 Jun 2007, 16:08

Instead of looking back to an average console conversion game (for Bioware) that is barely 3 months old, why not talk about Half ife 2 and Far Cry and ask why these engines are still not being used so we had PC games that would still look good but not demand constant PC upgrades?

Looking back on a game like this confers status that this game does not deserve. This was a now typical lazy console port that just didn't care about Pc gamers wants. Typical. But not justifiable, and not deserving of this all too soon and way over-rated 'Look Back'!

I have heard rumours that The Last Express is going to be re-released, maybe we can read something about a REAL classic game like that and get it re-reviewed in time for the re-release?! And I haven't seen a serious re-review of the new Kings Quest, Police Quest and Space Quest collections from Sierra, again, REAL classics.

What passes for a classic today would make games from the 80's and 90's turn over in their old people's homes! This is one title that will NOT be remembered by history. How ever much PC Zone tries.
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Postby User removed » 11 Jun 2007, 01:17

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Postby rockshowkid » 11 Jun 2007, 09:59

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Postby harrypapers » 12 Jun 2007, 15:40

Jade Empire was one of the best stories I still remember. Most of the games today are either sequels or spin offs.
Good game.
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Postby nee50n » 13 Jun 2007, 10:38

Come on, leave the staff writers alone. They were probably interviewing Bioware for one thing and took the chance to use this time productively for another feature.

Working on a magazine can be difficult because you've got a lot of space to fill and these days - with journalism budgets being slashed and the profession undergoing a slow painfull death in favour of PR - resources are very tight.
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