Lost in Blue 2

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Stranded in nature's pantry with the world's dumbest person

Being shipwrecked is no picnic... unless you're shipwrecked on an island with the richest sea life and most bountiful forests on earth, in which case you'll be dining outdoors on fresh abalone, oysters, crabs, coconuts, vegetables, wild herbs and maybe even the occasional bit of sashimi. Very much like the kind of picnic you'd dream of at home, if you were rich enough to afford your own private chef.... read more

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Lost in Blue 2

Postby tenshi_a » 10 May 2007, 17:20

Sounds just like the other game, but less sexist.

"Stranded Kids" for GBC was the first game I played in this series, and I think that's the reason I became so fond of the series. It was so much better being a solo survivor (for at least the majority of the story, as far as I recall).

Having a partner to drag along as so much of an obvious burden... well, that probably doesn't promote a very good view of relationships for teenage players, does it?

Yeah, I know these two *just happen to be stuck together*, and aren't romantically involved, but still.
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Postby spacelion » 11 May 2007, 11:51

am I the only one who found this review really funny? I was laughing my ass here :lol:
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Postby chris_gower » 15 May 2007, 16:09

Agreed, that did make me laugh. I particularly like the comment about 10 metres from your door at 10,000 litres per second is the cure.

However, 90% of the review was critical, so why 6.8 out of ten... unless thats a percentage score
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