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Final Fantasy III

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Proving that size doesn't matter

After launching exclusively in Japan on NES 17 years ago, and with the remake being available on DS in the US since late last year, Square Enix's 3D Final Fantasy III remake comes knocking on our door.... read more

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Final Fantasy III

Postby Zigzagoon » 03 May 2007, 11:45

Being a rampant Final Fantasy fan, this is just the sort of thing to tempt me into getting a DS.
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Final Fantasy III

Postby paulhudd » 03 May 2007, 11:45

sounds sexy. gotta raise the pennies for this one!

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Postby thiswaynow » 03 May 2007, 13:08

Sounds great from the review if you like FF games... I don't really get the score though. 7/10 sounds a bit low for a game that pushes the hardware as far as this game sounds like it does, is a really lengthy adventure, etc. It's being marked down for following the same formula as the rest of the series, but then surely this is re-make of a game released in Japan years ago? Can we expect a remake to innovate that much?

I think for a FF fan this is more of a 8/10 at least.
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Postby User removed » 03 May 2007, 16:21

yeah, i think this should deserve at least 8.3 or something considering the sheer size of it. Also, it's a final fintasy, which'll make it a surefire reliable game.
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Postby android-sheep » 03 May 2007, 18:10

no a 7 is about right for this game and it is on the whole a fair review, there are problems with the game and most of these problems come from the fact that it is 20 years old, and a general mismanagement of the DS capabilitys, touch screen and second screen sacrificed for the graphics. honestly though this has probably always been the weakest game in the series. it is a big game but there isnt much to do in it besides go from boss to boss and leveling up. I wrote a review which points out more of the failings of the game in the forums.
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Postby Al3x » 05 May 2007, 07:36

Grammar, syntax and spelling checks on the articles please.
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Postby metallicorphan » 06 May 2007, 07:09

i'm loving this game

i think it deserves more than a 7
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This game is awesome!

Postby User removed » 08 Jun 2007, 23:53

This game is pretty awesome. Even though some parts of it are outdated the story is amazing. I definetly can't wait for Final Fantasy IV for the DS.
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