Harvest Moon

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Interview: Harvest Moon creator, and cow tipping master, Yasuhiro Wada, comes to the UK

Yasuhiro Wada sowed the seeds that would grow to be Harvest Moon, the successful and long-running farming simulator that's been flourishing ever since its 1997 SNES debut.... read more

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Harvest Moon

Postby Mr Vengeance » 12 Apr 2007, 17:27

I love the Harvest Moon games. Its this series that originally persuaded me to buy a Game Boy Color! Anyone know when/if Magical Melody is being released on the Gamecube here in Europe? None of the usual websites have a release date.
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Postby dandoc2 » 12 Apr 2007, 20:27

Hold on this games been out for ages

Magical Melody was supposed to come out last year like july -- that was the only reason i held onto my gamecube

But like Twilight Princess and paper mario -- harvest moon MM will probably be a port and be on the wii
With tacked on controls (like most wii games)

I for one am looking forward to rebuying my gamecube and getting wonderful life back :) that game ruled

I also wanna see harvest moon on the 360 as its been on the ps2

This ds game sucks i have played it and tbh its pretty rubbish just basically a gba game but with a bit of 3d farm

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Postby xxMikexx » 06 Feb 2009, 03:50

I still suggest strongly that Harvest Moon be created on other platforms such as the Xbox 360 for there is still many gamers that switched to this console which would enjoy this game. For instance i too would like this game for i tried it on the NGC and its fun and my girlfriend also enjoys it, and it would give more variety to systems gaming capacities instead of only certain genras, so i say let more different games to all systems to help expand market and customer satisfaction.
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