UEFA Champions League 2006-2007

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A token update of FIFA '07 with robotic AI. So why are we sort-of excited?

Ooh, we like that. Having just loaded up UEFA for the first time, we're greeted by the stirring operatic Champions League theme so familiar from Wednesday night ITV. God bless the FIFA series and it's license-happy handlers - this is powerful stuff. Electric memories of pre-match excitement are stirred, atmosphere heavy and anticipation high. We suddenly fancy a bottle of Amstel.... read more

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UEFA Champions League 2006-2007

Postby MGS2010 » 22 Mar 2007, 20:41

The thing about the AI not taking the ball of you or pressuring you when you stop was also in FIFA 07 if you hadn't noticed. The only difference is that in 07, when you stop, they stop and look at you, as if they were waiting for your next move. The way you describe UEFA, they seem to hang around and circle you like vultures.
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