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Review: A classic reborn in high-definition?

Team17 has taken the time to polish and re-create its amazingly addictive multiplayer party/strategy game, Worms, for the HD era. The good news is that it works a treat and is well suited to the Xbox Live Arcade format. The bad news? It's not really anything new, it's a re-working of older versions that's missing several weapons.... read more

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Postby roland82 » 14 Mar 2007, 14:03

i would ust copy and paste 'where are all the weapons' a 100 times over but whats the point. if they try and charge for the missing weapons by DLC i will lose all respect for team 17, and never play thier games again.
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Postby Twfgb » 14 Mar 2007, 14:04

Hopefully we can get downloadable weapons and level packs for it, still Worms has always been great fun
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Postby leefear1 » 14 Mar 2007, 14:23

It's worms, it's in 2D and it's on Live!!!!!! GET IN THERE!!!

Now all we need is bomberman live and SWOS live and I can die a happy man.
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Postby chrising16 » 14 Mar 2007, 15:30

im pretty sure i paid 800 points for it..
and i still would pay for more weapons :?
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Postby GT500 » 14 Mar 2007, 18:49

Yeah, I payed 800 points for it. If its gone down in price I wanna fookin refund. Great game though. played it loads and its lasting longer than any of the arcade games so far. That could change with the release of streets of rage mind you.

*Hint f**king hint microsoft*
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Postby johnnyrocket » 14 Mar 2007, 20:53

Worms..... it has been to long
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Postby Aichy » 15 Mar 2007, 11:45

Yeah it cost me 800 points too! Havent ckecked to see if its dropped mind. And anyone waiting for SWOS to come to Live I have good news. Had an email today from codemasters telling me it is coming to Live in the summer!!
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Postby CVG Gav » 15 Mar 2007, 14:33

Ah, that was my bad on the price. £4 quid.. 400 points. Just a typo.

/runs for cover/
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