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What Geometry Wars did next

Considering the colossal success of Geometry Wars, it's probably no surprise that there's a high amount of interest for Bizarre Creations' next XBLA title Boom Boom Rocket.... read more

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Boom Boom Rocket

Postby spoi01 » 13 Mar 2007, 19:26

hmmm screams Fantavision
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There's Geometry Wars, but then there's Boom Boom!

Postby Machetazo » 13 Mar 2007, 19:59

Before I start: Just when is Dancing Stage Universe (360) going to be available here? There are screenshots online, but little else annoyingly...This I thought was an ideal time to jump in to this series, but news is scarce on the PAL 360 version, it seems. :(

Regardless, I got Geo Wars almost as soon as I'd first prised myself away from Hexic when I installed my hard drive. But it's not a game I play so often. It's great fun, the visuals are terrific, music addictive, but...I have to concentrate on it too much! :lol: So it's not really such a casual game. With Boom Boom, I'm not being chased about the screen, I must instead merely keep button presses in time with music (and can use my own as well as those remixes provided), or, (and this is great to know about), just start a random interactive A/V jam, on a whim.

CVG, your comment regarding the difficulty staves off the concerns I had that it might be kept overly "accessible", which would have put me off.

If only some sort of calendar were available to see how upcoming Live Arcade releases would pan out...One a week's too long to wait really, if you're not into what's up. Under this, you could go weeks without buying (or trying) anything. I don't see how that's business savvy, as there's little danger of oversaturation at this time. :roll: :?:
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Re: Boom Boom Rocket

Postby ileatyoualive » 14 Mar 2007, 11:25

spoi01 wrote:hmmm screams Fantavision

My thoughts exactly. Even Fantavision had the mode where you could just press random buttons and fill the screen with explosions....for no real reason.
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