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Online gaming coming Home

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Online gaming coming Home

Postby Aircool_212 » 12 Mar 2007, 21:14

It's another 'great idea' for gamers that's been thought up by someone who obviously doesn't play online games.

When using the PC to play online games, what's the biggest pain in the arse? The time it takes to find a game and join it.

Xbox live is an excellent service, although, as I'm mainly PC gamer I prefer the 'old fashioned' way of joining online games (via the in game browser). Anyway, yes, xbox live is a great service for a console, not always quick, but far from complicated. It's drawbacks of course are not being able to 'fine tune' the connection parameters. Xboxlive is more orientated towards friends setting up a game to play, rather than the usual 'pubbing' play of PC gamers.

SONY's idea sounds great, but in the end people will just find it an overblown pain in the arse; at least with xboxlive all it takes is a few menu clicks to get what you're after, be it online gaming, demo's etc...

As for PC online gaming, well, these days any online game with less than 32 players seems somewhat empty, and, as console games rarely exceed 16 players online, they feel very lonely indeed.
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Postby User removed » 13 Mar 2007, 12:11

As I mentioned in the other blog about Home, I honestly think it's being hyped out of proportion (from what I've seen). I don't see why moving an avatar around a room just to get to my music/videos is seen as some significant advance.

I'm fairly confident people will want the simplicity of something like Live for a long while yet.

After all, I still know of plenty of people that find the act of online multiplayer a daunting thing to set up and use as it is, and we are well beyond the heady 'null modem' days.
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Postby TescoPeeledPlums » 19 Mar 2007, 13:20

It sounds like a smaller version of second life.
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