Ghost Rider

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How can a game starring a skeleton with his head on fire be so dull?

As if the back-catalogue of shoddy comic book adaptations on PS2 wasn't shameful enough, here's another uninspired and under-developed calamity for the pile. You play Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle stunt rider who sells his immortal soul to Mephisto (a sort of Marvel Universe version of the Devil) in order to save his terminally ill father from cancer. Bit of a short-sighted deal, really, especially when Mephisto turns round and offs his dad after he's cured him. As you'd expect, Johnny's a tad peeved by this, but by now he's been transformed into the soulless Ghost Rider, and he's trapped in Hell.... read more

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Ghost Rider

Postby bennamin » 21 Feb 2007, 18:39

It looks shayt but it will attract those with money they don't care what they spend on unless it doesn't contain a hell reference like this. like flies to shite
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Postby olderorc » 22 Feb 2007, 21:28

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Postby Chris W » 24 Feb 2007, 00:53

Can't comment on the gameplay as I haven't played it but it looks like a graphically poorer God of War. Shame they didn't have the opportunity to use the God of War engine though (being a multiplatform game), it seems like it would suit the style of game they were going after. Is it me or is this game just the dirtiest rip-off of two of the biggest action game franchises EVER (GOW & DMC).. :?:

It's like their motivations for the design direction were as follows:

:arrow: Movie license = good sales

:arrow: Good action gameplay = DMC or GOW = great sales


:idea: Movie license + DMC gameplay + GOW gameplay = "OMFG Woooohooooo!!" sales. Shame on you Climax :!:
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Postby __SpUtNiK__ » 24 Feb 2007, 04:55

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