Hotel Dusk gets check-in date for Europe

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Unique-looking mystery game hits DS in April

Hotel Dusk: Room 215, the innovative murder mystery game from the makers of Another Code, will hit UK shops on April 13.... read more

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Hotel Dusk gets check-in date for Europe

Postby topguy4 » 21 Feb 2007, 12:37

Wow what great news!! i was thinking i would have to import this to be able to play it, like lost in blue, because thats been out for yonks and ive never seen it in a shopfloor!! i love the fact its played turning the ds on its side like a book, this is great news can't wait for this particular game, except a new mario zelda and pokemon game this is what im looking forward to.
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Postby Mr_A_Hulse » 21 Feb 2007, 12:44

Oh for gods sake! I thought this was out in March!
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Postby 4321emanresu » 21 Feb 2007, 13:08

Mr_A_Hulse wrote:Oh for gods sake! I thought this was out in March!

I'm just as annoyed as you. The Wii launch schedule has been and is looking pathetic until mid Spring. Now it looks like the few DS titles that are worth buying are being delayed too.

Thank you NOE, get some balls and crack some heads together. There is a reason DS game sales in the UK are low, most people import from the US because 6 months is too long to wait!
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Postby Niknak106 » 21 Feb 2007, 13:18

This looks like a very interesting title. I'm picking up my DS next week so I'll have to remember to pick this up when it's released.
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Postby chrisno21 » 21 Feb 2007, 18:26

Import time - £20 now or £25 in april hmmm.

I'm off to!
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Postby Skinbackking » 21 Feb 2007, 18:41

chrisno21 wrote:Import time - £20 now or £25 in april hmmm.

I'm off to!

cdwow are selling it for about £20 i bought it off them.
Finished Hotel Dusk last week and it's a very good game miles better than the shallow Another Code
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Postby Mr Vengeance » 21 Feb 2007, 23:18

There is no reason to buy new releases for the DS in Europe as the games are miles cheaper and out earlier in the states as we all know. The only market for DS games are sale items here.
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