Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

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Preview: CVG takes a swing at Tiger Woods on Wii

Wii Sports not only demonstrated the potential of Wii's motion-detecting controller, but it also served as a blueprint for how future sports game should work on Wii.... read more

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Postby Excelle » 14 Feb 2007, 20:29

Oh for gods sake, how could EA arse up the control system? Nintendo showed them almost exactly what they needed to do. I'm annoyed now :(
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Re: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Postby Chris W » 14 Feb 2007, 20:43

Excelle wrote:Oh for gods sake, how could EA arse up the control system?

I am a tad underwhelmed by the graphics in the vids. It's like EA had a root around in the store room out the back and dusted off a hard-drive with PS2 Tiger Woods 2003 code on it, rather than develop something bespoke. :roll: I think that the devs were just porting across the graphics whilst concentrating on how to utilise the control mechanic. Yes, it is very lazy, and I'm sure next year we will see a greater emphasis on this. Maybe. Unless it's EA. :?
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Postby blarnak » 15 Feb 2007, 08:56

Dude, you are a moron. Have you even played wii golf?

In wii sports, unless you go over the power meter, your shot will always be straight, no matter how you swing the wii remote. Tiger woods adds some additional realism by making you keep the wii remote straight all the way throw the shot. You were probably playing in the advanced setting where every little movement is detected.

Plus in every other preview and even from comments by ea itself, you add top spin and backspin after the shot, by shaking the wii remote, not before the shot.
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Postby SDDowns » 15 Feb 2007, 10:25

Has all the features of the previous incarnation of Tiger on the other consoles huh...? That include the online multiplayer? Online multiplayer would be cool,for any Wii game... I've heard scarilly little about this whole aspect of Wii... seriously, it's making me look at my Wii game collection and add up how much exchange value I have there in case I could afford an XBox 360. Currently I can not.

Talk Online Wii stuff media types, I'm getting impatient.
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Postby Mr_A_Hulse » 15 Feb 2007, 17:01

Roll on Mario Golf for Wii!
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Postby theideal » 21 Feb 2007, 16:45

Mr_A_Hulse wrote:Roll on Mario Golf for Wii!

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The preview's comment about the golf swing is inaccurate

Postby User removed » 02 Mar 2007, 04:24


First post. I would like to comment on what the previewer stated:

"Oddly the power you put into your shot depends not on how fast you swing the Remote, but on how far you raise the Remote behind you before swinging. Maybe there are some safety issues behind that decision?

So if you want to swing at full power, you raise the remote right up before you swing. But for half power you only raise the Remote back to just around hip-height."

That is not odd; in fact, that is how a real-life golf swing works.

I am not a golf pro by any means, but my buddy has been playing golf for over seven years and was kind enough to take me one day and teach me how to swing.

According to him, you don't muscle the swing in golf. Provided you do the swing correctly (and it is mighty hard in real life), all you do once you have swung your arm up, is to let it "drop", which causes the entire swinging movement recoil.

The entire golf swing is based on human kinetics. By "dropping" your arm, gravity, plus the shoulder's movement, is enough to not just hit the ball, but hit it quite far (golf club notwithstanding).

Therefore, if anything, EA's approach is correct for a golf simulation. Again, a real-life golf swing has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of strength you put into the swing. In fact, if you muscle the swing, chances are you will not hit the ball as cleanly as you normally would.

Just thought I would clarify that. Personally, I hope EA keeps it real and doesn't dumb down the simulation, because I am so anxious for the game to come out, invite my golfing friend over and hit the courses. Oh, and I pray that Tiger Woods for the Wii has under its options a way to disable the "shake your Wii remote vigorously to spin the ball" - apart from looking dorky, in real life you just can't change your ball's spin once it's in the air. The spin originates from the swing, and how the club face makes contact with the ball.

If this game strives for realism and arcade gameplay at the same time, at least let those who appreciate the game for its complexity to disable the arcade elements.

Golf is a horrifically hard game and incredibly frustrating at times; perhaps that's why even golf greats like Tiger himself is always finding ways to improve his swing. Personally, I'd rather it be that way - true to the real thing. :D
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