New Sadness Wii details revealed

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The silence is broken on mysterious Nibris-developed Wii thriller

Finally, new details for Sadness on Wii have emerged after months of worrying silence.... read more

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New Sadness Wii details revealed

Postby User removed » 14 Feb 2007, 17:22

Sounds like Capcom's Haunting Ground and if it's anything like that it should be great.
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Postby Mr Vengeance » 14 Feb 2007, 17:53

I'm really looking forward to this game. And the bird in the trailer was hot! :lol:
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Postby nick_gc » 14 Feb 2007, 18:45

It's clear the company behind this game are purely hyping it as much as possible with the slow trickle of "news" they dish out.

Still, am looking forward to seeing some proper info on this game, like screenshots!
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Postby raven_blade2003 » 14 Feb 2007, 19:15

Nice to hear more info. Nibris have been quite silent recently.

ps. What office is the video player showing at the moment?
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Postby seancuk23 » 20 Feb 2007, 16:57

I think this game is gonna be the works cant wait till e3 Expo 2007 hopfully we will get a load of on screen action and what about Day of Disaster that could be really cool as well, its a shame all of the decent games come out at the end of this year though the Wii games drought has forced me to go outside and its not pretty!
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E3 Might be gone

Postby JayMemo » 20 Feb 2007, 20:43

Apprently E3 is no more! Due to low on funds. This cost more millions every year, as the rates are higher, and more futruized stuff come out and HAVE to be payed for. So lets cross our fingers it dont!
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